BORUSSIA’S CHRISTIAN CHURCH has lost its appeal against a Brazilian Supreme Court ruling that stripped it of its charter rights.

The church said it will take the case to the Supreme Court in Brazil, the first time it has faced such a challenge since a controversial Supreme Court decision last year that stripped churches of their tax-exempt status.

The Church of Christ was granted tax-free status in 2013 and has been in charge of more than a million Brazilians for the past three decades.

But it has been subject to a string of court rulings since last year which stripped it and other Christian denominations of their rights to free speech and other freedoms.

The court said the church’s legal status should be restored after a “long period of political and legal struggle”.

In a ruling published on Friday, the court said: “We do not see any reason why this Church of God should be excluded from its constitutional rights.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a legal entity in Brazil and therefore can be subjected to taxation and taxation laws.”

It added: “The Church has not yet established a new status as a legal religion and its tax-paid activities must continue.”‘

Cultural heritage’The ruling comes at a time of increasing political tensions and hostility between Brazil’s two main political parties, the ruling Workers’ Party (PT) and the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSDB).

“This is not a political decision.

This is a cultural heritage of the Brazilian people,” the church said in a statement.

The ruling also came as Brazil’s top court on Friday rejected a request by a Brazilian group to strip the Church of Christians of Brazil of its tax exemption status.

“It’s a violation of the charter of the church to deny the church its tax status,” Justice Maria da Cunha said.

The government of President Michel Temer has said the ruling was an attack on Christianity and would have to be reversed.

The Brazilian government said it had no plans to appeal the ruling, which it said was the result of an effort by the opposition to divide the country.

“This decision is a slap in the face to the Brazilian Christian community and it’s an attack against the Brazilian spirit,” the government said in an online statement.

“We have a moral duty to respect the rights of all Brazilians, and to protect them against the attacks of a few.”

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