The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is airing a new series on Canada’s favourite religious culture.

The new series is entitled, Canada’s Most Popular Religion: Islam.

It’s a fascinating look at Islam and how it shapes Canadian society.

The series begins with a look at the “spiritual practices” of Islam.

The series will include interviews with religious leaders and scholars, including an interview with Dr. Abdullahi Yusuf, a leading Muslim scholar in Canada.

“This is the first time that a major national broadcaster has brought together a broad spectrum of Muslim voices on the issues of Islam and the relationship between Islam and Canadian society,” said Dr. Yusuf.

“It’s also an important opportunity for Canadian Muslims to be heard.

This is an opportunity for us to engage with Canadian Muslims in a way that we haven’t had before.”

The series follows Dr. Abdurrahman Alam as he explores his religious practices.

The show begins with Alam discussing his spiritual practices, including fasting, prayer, and the importance of family.

He says, “When we are together, we feel good.”

Dr. Alam also says that when he practices the Quran he is “giving up my life for the sake of Allah” and that “there is nothing in this life that can be taken away from me.”

The show will explore Islam’s relationship to Canada, particularly its “strong link” to Canadian culture and religion.

It will also look at Canada’s role in the fight against terrorism, and what role Canada plays in the Muslim world.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) says the series will be the first Canadian series to focus on Islam.

“As a nation, Canada has played a critical role in ensuring that the lives of Muslims across the world have a chance to live up to their potential,” said CBC News president and CEO Peter Mansbridge.

“Canada has been a major supporter of Muslim women and girls in Canada, working with them to ensure they are given equal rights and opportunities to advance in their education, careers and social lives.”

The CBC will release the first episode of the series on Tuesday.

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