The GOP nominee is hoping to boost his presidential hopes with a win over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s primary.

The senator is in the final weeks of a four-day swing through South Carolina, where he will appear alongside Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Cruz is hoping that his visit to South Carolina will allow him to demonstrate to voters that he can appeal to the base and win over skeptical Republicans and independents.

He told reporters on Friday that he has already started building up his campaign’s ground game, which has included recruiting more than 10,000 volunteers, hiring staff and spending millions on television advertising.

He noted that his campaign is ahead of its opponent, former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, in the polls.

“We are the only campaign that is on the verge of a massive ground game,” Cruz said.

The Texas senator’s visit comes just days after he visited South Carolina for the first time.

The former Texas governor has been struggling to win over independents and white voters.

He has struggled to get the message across that he is the best candidate to lead the GOP if the party is to regain power.

On Thursday, Cruz took a shot at his former rival Bush’s business record, noting that he didn’t take any of his business deals to avoid taxes.

“My business has been in the United States since 1946.

I took advantage of it to build a fortune and build a great company.

And I didn’t get rich,” he said.”

That’s why I was in Washington, D.C., not Washington, where I could run my businesses and I could pay no federal income taxes.

And so I have no problem with the fact that my companies are here and my businesses are here.”

It’s why, for instance, I took a risk to build the world’s largest wind turbine.

I didn.

And it’s why my businesses have been here, have paid no federal tax.

And they are here.

“The senator has also been under pressure from Trump, who has accused Cruz of taking millions in speaking fees while he was governor of Texas.

Trump, who lost the South Carolina primary to Cruz in June, has been criticizing Cruz’s campaign for spending millions to air ads on the South Carolinian.

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