The Bangladesh government is pushing for the country’s Christians to be more open about their religious beliefs.

The government wants them to show more respect for Islam and the Quran.

The move comes after several months of tension between Muslims and Christians, and is part of a broader government push to show its “non-sectarianism” in the country, which has a majority Muslim population.

Bangladesh has a Christian majority, and the government has tried to build bridges between Muslims, Christians and the countrys other minority communities.

A new initiative is aimed at helping the countryans Christians.

The ministry of religious affairs has launched a website,, to make it easier for Christians to identify themselves, and for the government to better explain how the country is a Christian country.

The ministry has also launched a video message on the website, encouraging people to identify their faith.

“As Bangladeshis, we have to be proud of our religion and our culture,” said Azaq Hussain, the minister of religious matters.

“If you want to be in the world, you must be proud to be Bangladeshis.”

He added that the website will also be updated with information on what Muslims say about Christianity.

“The country is still struggling to reconcile the differences between the religions of the country.

We need to work with the Muslim community to reach the reconciliation,” he said.

The government also plans to introduce a new form of identification to the Christians, a form that will include a name, photograph, a date of birth and a name.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs said it was creating a list of those on the list.

The religious affairs ministry has launched the website in April, encouraging Christians to share their religious and cultural beliefs.

The website will offer a link to a list where people can identify themselves.

The website will provide a brief description of their religion, but the ministry says it is also going to offer a photo of the person who is identified on the site.

The list will be available to anyone who wants to register, and it is not mandatory to register.

The site says it will help those who want to learn about the Quran, Islam and other religious beliefs, as well as the importance of the Quran to their faith and to the Muslim nation.

The new site will also help people who are seeking information on how to join a church, mosque or other religious institution in Bangladesh.

It will also provide a list with more than 30 religious and non-religious organizations.

The Bangladesh government has not announced whether the site will be used for more than one year.

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