HONDURAS—Honduras, the poorest country in Latin America, is home to more than 6,000 indigenous people.

They are known as the Iglesia Ocetiarias, or “people of the forest.”

The traditional way of life has survived for generations in the rainforests of the Central American country, which is also home to a rich archaeological and cultural heritage.

“Iguanas are the first people in the world who have lived without firearms,” says Jose Manuel Gonzalez, director of the National Autonomous University of Honduras, or UNAH.

“And they have been protected by the government since the 1970s.

They have the right to hunt and gather, which we consider to be a human right.”

Since the 1970, there has been a resurgence of the Igla culture, which includes traditional music and dance.

In 2017, the Igleia Oceanoa was recognized as the first indigenous cultural center in the country, the first among indigenous groups to be recognized as an official organization, and the first community to be officially recognized as a religion, according to Gonzalez.

The Iglesias were originally a people of the Amazon, and their language, spoken by thousands of people, is indigenous to the region.

The indigenous communities of Honduras are known for their unique culture, but they have a unique cultural history.

The first known Spanish explorers visited Honduras in 1499, and by the 1520s, the country was known for its indigenous people, including the Cholulla and Cholula.

In 1590, Pedro de Freitas, an Iglesía Oceta, discovered a gold mine and the largest copper mine in the region, and later, in 1610, his wife Isabel, married Diego, a Cholu, who later became known as “El Cholulo.”

In the 18th century, the Cholas founded a Christian religion, and in the 19th century the Igléias organized themselves as a Christian Church, which was officially recognized in 1912.

Today, there are over 2,000 Igleias in Honduras.

According to Gonzalez, the indigenous population has also adapted to the modern world, becoming more tolerant and accepting of different cultures and religions.

“It’s not easy for us to be in the United States or in Europe, where we’re supposed to have this ‘no guns, no religion’ mentality,” he says.

“Hondurans are very open to change.

They don’t need guns to live their lives, they’re open to all cultures and the different religions.”

According to a 2017 survey, only 13% of the population believes in the existence of God, which means that over 80% of Iglesios have no belief in the Creator God.

However, that number can be reduced to 5% if the survey is conducted in rural areas, and 20% if conducted in urban areas.

“There are Iglesias who say they don’t have a religion because they don,t have guns.

And the truth is, in their society, they have guns,” Gonzalez says.

According a study conducted by the National Council of the United Nations Human Rights Council, more than 70% of all Iglesiamo do not hold a religion and the majority of them believe in God.

“We have no religion, we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but there are people who do not believe in Him and we have to explain this to them,” Gonzalez adds.

“But in my opinion, they need to understand the meaning of God and their relationship with the Lord.”

The Igleios have a long tradition of living in harmony with nature.

During the rainy season, when the trees are green, people gather to sing traditional songs in the forests, while in the summer, when it rains, they gather together to play traditional dances in the woods.

This practice is considered an important cultural activity in the Iglia culture.

According the Igloa Oceteo, the tradition of singing in the forest is a means to express the spirit of the ancestors.

“When the trees have been green for a long time, the ancestors say to the people who live in the surrounding forest: Come, sing in the trees,” says Guillermo Martinez, a member of the local Iglesieo.

The song, which the Iglos call “Santo Pueblo,” or “Singing in the Pueblos,” has become a way to honor the land and the people.

In recent years, Iglesies have been celebrating the birthday of the goddess of rain, Mother Earth.

During her birthday celebration, Igleas and the rest of the community gather to share stories, sing songs, dance, and make fire.

“You see the traditional songs, the dancing, the songs, that are all part of this tradition,” Martinez says.

The community also celebrates Mother Earth’s birthday by bringing food, and then, they cook it and eat it.

“This tradition has survived

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