The Honduran government’s move to declare the country’s first-ever Catholic festival in 2019 was hailed as a victory by the Catholic Church and other religious groups.

But others say the move is likely to be a disaster.

“We’re looking at the negative consequences of this,” said Marcela Gonzalez, a sociologist at the University of the Caribbean in Port-au-Prince.

“It’s a bad outcome for the country.”

In the early 1900s, Honduras was the first country in Central America to legalize Christianity, and Catholics were given a chance to practice their faith in their homes and churches.

It was the start of a modern tradition of religious freedom in a country that had previously had very restrictive laws on religion.

“Honduras is the first Latin American country that allowed people to practice religion and also protected them from discrimination,” said Gonzalez.

But the move was a political move that left many Catholics wondering whether it would have any effect.

“This was a step in the right direction but it’s not the first step,” said Manuel Córdoba, the head of the Pontifical Council for the Doctrine of the Faith in Honduras.

“The government was thinking that the Catholic culture of Honduras would be protected, and it didn’t work out that way.”

This year, the government was forced to cancel a Catholic festival for fear of violence.

The government said it would consider changing the date for the event to take place after September 20, but the event was postponed.

“I think the government needs to think about this as well, because they’re not making the best decisions,” said Cóndoba.

“You cannot just go and say, ‘We have to have a festival on September 20 because we have a problem with violence and hate.'”

The Catholic community in Honduras has suffered under decades of political instability and economic decline.

In recent years, violence between rival gangs and rival political parties has escalated.

The number of homicides in Honduras hit a record high in the summer of 2017, when hundreds of people were killed in the wake of the elections.

“There is a problem of discrimination and social exclusion and discrimination in the country,” said Jorge González, the director of the Catholic University of Honduras.

Gonzalez said that during the event, he met with hundreds of Catholic students and parents from the country.

The Catholic church was not allowed to attend the event as the government would not allow its clergy to be present.

“In the beginning of the year, we had the opportunity to come and celebrate our religious festival and to share our beliefs with the students,” said Gonzáez.

“But the government did not allow us to participate because we were not authorized to do so.”

The government’s decision to ban the festival was the result of a long-standing tension between the Catholic community and the government.

The country’s Catholic bishops have been battling the government for years over its handling of the countrys economy.

Last year, a group of Catholic bishops went to Honduras to pressure President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to allow Catholic schools to open.

Gonzáles said the government had told him that the schools could be opened after the church would return to its home country.

“So what happens now?

Is there a political solution?

I think not,” said the professor.

“My hope is that the situation is resolved in a peaceful way.”

In an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, President Rodrigo López Obrador said that the government has not told him about the cancellation of the festival.

He also said he has not received any specific threat from anyone against the Catholic church, but he added that the country could be threatened if it does not abide by its obligations.

“If they don’t want a festival in their country, they should not be allowed to participate in the celebration,” he said.

“And I hope the government will be more consistent in its approach, not just when it comes to protecting the religious freedoms of our citizens.”

The Catholic Church is not the only group that is not happy with the decision.

In April, the Vatican issued a statement saying that the decision by the government to cancel the event is “unacceptable.”

“The celebration is a part of the heritage of our religion, but it is a sacrosanct institution,” said Archbishop of San Salvador Antonio Pacheco, the Archbishop of Bogota.

“What is more important is that we are able to be together with our friends and relatives, because we do not have a state of emergency.”

The church said the cancellation will hurt its “cultural, social and economic life” in Honduras, as well as its relationship with other religious communities.

The decision also comes as the country struggles with an outbreak of cholera, the second-deadliest infectious disease in Latin America.

The Church has called on the government not to delay the celebration and instead to open a new center in the capital to help combat the spread of the disease.

But that initiative

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