Thailand has a lot of religious diversity and a lot to offer, but there’s still something missing from the religion’s mainstream.

A look at the religious symbols and beliefs of the country’s largest nation, and why they’re so important for everyone.

Religion in Thailand: The Top 10 Religious Symbols and Beliefs, edited by Peter B. Johnson and Christopher B. Furlong, is a new anthology from New York City-based publisher Fidelity Books.

It features more than 100 photographs of Thai Buddhist icons and religious symbols that will make your eyes glaze over.

They are all very good.1.

The Ten-Pointed Star, Thai Buddhist icon, red-tipped cross, white-striped cross, blue-taped cross, golden Buddha, and five-pointed star (also known as the five-branch symbol)2.

The Cross of Peace, Buddhist icon3.

The Five Buddhas, Buddhist icons4.

The Three Buddhas (Krungpa, Khetprak and Khetpa), Buddhist icons5.

The Buddha’s Foot, Buddhist symbols6.

The Lion’s Paw, Buddhist symbol7.

The Great Buddha, Buddhist Symbol8.

The Sun, Buddhist image9.

The Stars and Bars, Buddhist Symbols10.

The Thangpa, Buddhist emblem1.

Thai Buddhist symbols and belief: 1.

The 10-point star, the Buddhist symbol.

This is the symbol of Buddhist belief, which is also the symbol used for a number of temples in the country.

It represents a sun, the light of the world, and a compass pointing up.2.

Buddhist icon: The yellow-towered cross.

It is also a symbol of Buddhism.

This symbol, along with the five pillars of Buddhism, symbolizes the five major Buddhist schools.3.

Buddhist symbol: The blue-covered cross.

The symbol was first used in Thailand by the Khaosan Buddhist sect, which has around a thousand monks in the world.

It symbolizes light and wisdom.4.

Buddhist Icon: The golden Buddha.

The golden, white Buddha is an image of a golden crown with the sun on top.5.

Buddhist Symbol: The five-tailed Buddha.

It was first shown in Thailand in the 19th century, but it has since become popular throughout Southeast Asia.

It stands for peace, prosperity, and love.6.

Buddhist Cross: The cross on a white cloth, with a crown on it.7.

Buddhist Symbolic: The ten-branched Buddha, which stands for the five branches of Buddhism that are represented in the Thai icon.8.

Buddhist Star: The star on the top of the cross, which symbolizes Buddha’s five feet.9.

Buddhist Triangle: This Buddhist symbol stands for unity and peace.

It depicts a triangle of ten rays, each with a different color.10.

Buddhist Square: This Buddha symbol stands as a symbol for the unity of Buddhism and the peace that Buddhism promotes.

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