This article originally appeared on The Times of India.

It is widely believed that many Muslims consider themselves to be the “true believers”.

But according to the Muslim scholars, they are also the followers of one or more of the five pillars of Islam, which includes the following:1.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)2.

The Quran (peace and blessings of Allah be upon it)3.

Sunnah (religious rulings and practices)4.

Hijrah (migration to another country)5.



Al-Fitr (caliphate)8.

The Kaaba (Islamic holy mosque)9.

Islamic jurisprudence10.

The pilgrimage to MeccaThe Muslim scholars argue that the “false belief” that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them, is the “perfect and perfect example of Islam” is a central theme in the Quran.

This false belief, they say, has resulted in the “furtherance of false beliefs, which cause harm to the cause of religion and to the souls of Muslims”.

As Muslims, they believe that the Quran contains clear and unequivocal statements which are clear and unambiguous, and the Quran itself, as a divine book, is also a divine text, said Imam Qassem Abu-Nasr, a professor at the Islamic Centre of Dubai University.

“The Quran is not like any other book.

It is a revelation of the prophet himself,” he said.”

The Quran has always been clear, unambiguous and precise,” he added.

But, if someone says that the Koran is “a book with no flaws”, and that the prophet Muhammad was the “only prophet”, and not others, he will be punished for it, said Abu-Saleh, adding that those who reject this view are “a group of people”.

“This false belief is an affront to the divine message of Islam,” he told The Times Of India.

The scholars are also concerned that some Muslims are “stumbling on the verses of the Quran” in order to justify their disbelief.

In their opinion, this is a breach of the Qur’an’s mandate.

The scholars said that they do not condone “any such act”.

In their book, the scholars say that it is the Quran’s responsibility to explain what is meant by “the great peace and the good pleasure of Allah, the Almighty” to the human race.

This means that the teachings of Islam are not to be “misinterpreted”.

This article first appeared on The Times of Indian.

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