People who live in rural China often live in fear of persecution, but this isn’t just a case of being persecuted.

They also face a variety of cultural and religious beliefs that can make life difficult.

The BBC’s James Bawden is travelling to the country to explore the culture of rural China.

1:22 How to live in China You may have seen a sign on a building in the capital, Beijing, that says “no to dogs”.

This means that dogs must be kept inside.

There are also strict regulations about what you can eat.

“You cannot eat meat, poultry, eggs, milk, dairy, fish, shellfish, eggs and shellfish products,” the sign reads.

This means people are encouraged to avoid fish and shellfishes, which is the main source of protein in their diet.

“This is a really, really, huge restriction,” says Li Shihui, an associate professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of Oxford.

People in China have a lot of issues with the environment, but there are also problems with the way they’re treated, particularly in the countryside, she says.

People are often asked to take a day off for religious holidays, which Li says are usually more expensive than ordinary holidays.

Li is also concerned about the use of chemical pesticides, and the way people are treated.

“They use pesticides to kill weeds, and then the people don’t know why it’s there,” she says, adding that it can be dangerous.

She is also a vocal critic of the way Chinese food is sold.

“We’ve had a lot more problems in the past few years with the use and sale of the products.

And I think the problem is not the pesticide but the lack of transparency about the quality and the quality control,” she adds.

In her own country, there are more restrictions than people realise, according to Li.

“There are lots of regulations, but when you’re living in rural areas, there’s a lot less regulation.

So you’re not allowed to go on holidays,” she explains.

Li also feels a lot is being done to help people living in the cities.

“It’s a great way to get away from your home, and to move around a lot, and not to have to be confined to a single place,” she said.

Li says it’s a shame that some Chinese people aren’t able to have the same freedoms that people in the rest of the world have.

“Many people don’ want to live like this,” she added.

“And they’re living like this in an authoritarian state.”

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