Saudi Arabia has been trying to establish itself as a moderate Islamic country for decades, and now it seems like the country is going to become one.

The country has a history of extremism, especially in the past, and this could mean that a significant amount of support for the ruling elite could come from within the population.

According to Saudi sources, the country’s top cleric, Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, has decided to take a hard line with the government and has ordered all Muslims to follow his version of Sharia law.

Al-Ahram reported that the cleric, who is also the head of the Saudi Commission for Islamic Ideology, announced that Saudi Arabia would no longer be accepting foreign visitors and that Saudi citizens would be prohibited from traveling abroad without an official permit.

Saudi authorities also announced that the Saudi National Guard would take the step of issuing a travel ban on any foreign nationals, including Americans, and would not allow any foreign employees to work in the country.

This announcement was apparently made to protect Saudi Arabian citizens from the potential threat of terrorism, and could signal a potential shift towards a more moderate version of the Muslim community.

According a report by the SITE Intelligence Group, Al-Ibrahim Al-Jabri, the Saudi government’s spokesperson, told the Associated Press that Al-Arian, who has called for the establishment of a caliphate, is trying to “expose the Saudi establishment as a regime that has become decadent and corrupt.”

He continued, “He wants the government to put its hands in the pockets of the ruling family and be responsible for their safety, as well as the safety of its citizens.”

While the government has not yet announced any specific plans to implement the new law, some commentators have speculated that the government might take steps to ease restrictions on foreign travelers and businesses.

A number of analysts believe that the announcement could be part of a broader plan to ease the countrys restrictions on citizens and visitors.

In an interview with Al-Hayat, Ali Atef, a researcher at the Carnegie Middle East Center, said, “There’s a growing sense that Al Saud’s current foreign policy is very illiberal and it needs to be changed,” Atefi told Al-Bayan TV.

“The Saudi regime has become more and more intolerant of dissent, especially since the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings, and has increasingly resorted to more extreme forms of repression and coercion to impose its power and control.

Al Saud is trying its best to keep the country at the front of the line of resistance against the current trends, which includes the global rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) and the rise of nationalism and nationalism-based Islamism.”

The report goes on to suggest that the Al Saud regime is also trying to expand its influence beyond the kingdom, including through military action abroad.

The Saudi regime is likely to seek to expand the scope of its efforts abroad, in an attempt to weaken the country and create an Islamic caliphate, as it has done in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, and elsewhere.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its history of terrorism and repression, is also likely to try to take advantage of the current climate of uncertainty in the world.

The world has been experiencing a resurgence of nationalism, nationalism-inspired terrorism, anti-Western sentiments, and the growing support for Islamic extremist groups in many countries.

The rise of ISIS, the rise in nationalism, and anti-American sentiment could further embolden the Saudi regime to expand their influence and attempt to take control of the world, according to Ali Atesf.

According Atesfi, Al Saud has become a powerful state in the eyes of the public and has gained considerable support from the world public.

He noted that Al Wahhabis, a group of religious scholars who have ruled Saudi Arabia for nearly 70 years, are more influential in the public imagination than the country, which is now in the midst of a political crisis and is facing a global economic crisis.

“It is evident that the world is changing, and Al Saud will continue to be the main driver of that change,” Atesif told Al Hayat.

Al Jaber, a Saudi analyst, has also speculated that Al Sheikhs plans to change Saudi Arabia could be a sign of desperation in the face of the rise and rise of nationalist movements.

According Al Jabari, the regime will need to take drastic measures to survive in order to maintain its power.

He believes that the Islamic caliphate will be the only option left for the country if it does not want to face a future that is bleak and unstable, and will be unable to protect itself.

Al Sheikh is a well-known figure within the Saudi elite and has been seen as an outspoken voice for the Saudi ruling class.

The king and the ruling class have been in conflict for years, and their relationship has been a source of contention.

Al Sabah Al-Hikma, the current head of Al Sheiks court

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