TAIWAN (RTE) – The taiwans have a special way of thinking and living that is more than a religion.

The traditional way of life has also influenced the way they dress, the way in which they conduct themselves and the way people relate to them.

But what has also been the subject of controversy for decades is the way the tais people dress, and this has affected the way some people live their lives.

Today, the tau, the traditional people of Taiwan, are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Tais people’s national day.

In addition to the tái tai, a tai and tāi tao, they are also celebrating a birthday called Tài Tâi Tāi.

This year the birthday is also the occasion for a tao ceremony.

At the time of the celebrations, the island’s capital, Taipei, is being renovated and the city’s taiwa and taiwi are now being integrated into the cityscape.

The Tâis, however, do not take part in these celebrations.

Instead, they hold their own national day in March and have held tai day ceremonies in many parts of the island.

The main reason why they have decided not to celebrate this traditional event is that the government, like many other countries, has no time for commemorating the tao on March 1.

Tāis are also not celebrating a national day on March 3, when the mainland celebrates the 100th anniversary, as this is considered to be the official date of the Chinese emperor.

This also affects the way Taiwaners celebrate their own birthday.

According to the National Institute of Health and Welfare, Taiwaners have a very limited time for celebrating the birthday of the emperor.

In contrast, the people of other parts of Asia have celebrated their national day all year round, with the exception of Japan, where it is celebrated on December 7.

The reason is that Japan has its own calendar and has decided to celebrate its own day on December 1.

It is also not the case for Taiwan.

The island does not have a separate calendar and, like other countries that have an annual calendar, does not need to celebrate a national holiday.

Taiwan is currently the only country that has no national day celebrations.

According a government report, the National People’s Congress (NPC) is not in favour of celebrating the national day of the country’s founder, Kuomintang leader Lin Piao.

Lin Piao, who ruled Taiwan from 1949 to 1949, was a member of the Kuominyu faction, which was the main faction that was active in Taiwan before independence.

In 1950, the NPC voted in favour, and Lin Piaos successor, Lin Ching-chung, is said to have vetoed the resolution, saying that the National Assembly was not in a position to decide on the matter.

But after his death, Taiwan did have its own national holiday, the Day of the Republic, and was able to commemorate the first anniversary of his birth in 1976.

In 2017, the government announced that it was not planning to commemorate Lin Piang’s birth anniversary, but that it would not be restricting the celebration of the national holiday to the 50th anniversary.

It has been more than 60 years since Lin Pieces first birthday and the anniversary of Lin Pao’s birth.

Lin Ching, the president of the National Education and Research Institute of Taiwan (NERI), said that in his opinion, the celebration should be held on the 70 years since his father was born.

It will be interesting to see how the new leader, Li Keqiang, will deal with the issue.

As part of the government’s “cultural heritage” strategy, he has announced plans to expand the educational system in Taiwan, including allowing the public to teach Taiwanese subjects in English.

In the past, the official language of Taiwan has been Mandarin, but the government is considering changing the system in the near future.

There are also plans to change the way that schools are set up and the number of students.

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