It was one of those things that you couldn’t stop thinking about.

I was 16.

I’d just gotten into Buddhism, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life.

I knew that I wanted a job, but that I didn’t really have any real connection to it, either.

And I was starting to wonder if I’d ever find a place where I could have a life that was meaningful and fulfilling, where I would be able to get the education I wanted and be happy.

So I decided to go for it, I decided that I would make my first pilgrimage to Sri Lanka.

I had been to Sri Lankan temple once before, back in 2002, and I had never been to a Buddhist temple.

I’d never been there.

I didn`t even know if I could get into one.

I wasn`t quite sure what to expect.

I thought, If you really want to go, you need to do it.

And if you don`t, it`ll just be a waste of time, I thought.

But I didn�t quite get the hang of it.

I went there and I found it very strange.

The monks were all very polite, and the people there were quite lovely.

But I just wasn`ttallowed to get into the temple.

So, like, I didn t even know what to do.

I just didn t want to make the trip.

So I decided I would go.

But the monk said, What you have to do is, if you go there, there is an old tradition, called Bhavana, and it says you should come there with no intention of ever coming back.

That`s why you must keep coming back to get ready to be reborn.

So, I did what Bhavanas say.

I decided not to go.

I got my passport and I left, and a couple of months later, I had my first Buddhist experience.

And the next thing I knew, I was coming back from Sri Lanka and my life changed.

I would never have thought that I could ever be a Buddhist monk.

But, I became a Buddhist, and from then on, I never really stopped thinking about the Buddha.

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