Thailand’s Buddhist religious and cultural tradition has been largely neglected in recent years, with the government focusing instead on social and economic reforms.

But in recent months, Thailand has witnessed an increasing number of incidents of violence against the religion, which has become increasingly marginalized in society since the end of the country’s monarchy in 2012.

The violence began after Buddhist monks attempted to take control of a popular Buddhist temple in Thailand’s southeastern province of Pattani.

Thai Buddhist monks in Pattani attempt to seize control of the Buddhist temple, after which a group of monks attempted a coup in Thailand in 2016.

(Photo by AFP)The attack was a response to the Buddhist monks’ efforts to reclaim the Temple of the Buddha, a holy site that dates back to the time of the first monastic sect of the nation.

The attack prompted widespread outrage across Thailand, with thousands of monks from the monastery camped outside the government compound to protest against the assault.

The monks later released footage of the incident, and a group calling themselves the “Buddhist Resistance” released a video that showed monks trying to enter the building.

The video showed monks with masks and carrying guns trying to gain entry.

The violence against Buddhists is nothing new in Thailand, and the Thai government has long struggled to curb the religion’s influence in society.

But the violence is particularly disturbing in the context of the recent resurgence of the religion in the country, which saw a rise in the number of monks attempting to seize the Temple.

The attacks on the Buddhist temples, which are believed to be the site of a secret meditation room, have led to a backlash from the Thai Buddhist population, which is strongly opposed to the religious group’s attempts to reclaim their religious site.

The Thai government, meanwhile, has tried to downplay the attacks on religious institutions and to maintain a favorable image for the country.

The Buddhist opposition, meanwhile has blamed the government for the violence, claiming the government has failed to protect the temple and the monks from violence.

On the other hand, the Thai state has been heavily involved in promoting Buddhist culture throughout the country and has sought to show the country as a peaceful and secular society.

The government has made a number of attempts to combat the attacks, including creating a “culture police,” which is tasked with curbing “irresponsible and illegal” behavior within the Buddhist community.

The country has also tried to improve its image through a series of cultural and educational initiatives.

The government has created an official “Bengkulu” tourism agency that aims to promote Buddhism throughout the nation, and is planning to create a “Bukit Ngu, Baha” museum to showcase the religion and its culture.

Thailand’s government has also launched a campaign called “Khaosai,” or “Peaceful Way,” which seeks to promote a “peaceful way of life” in the nation by encouraging Buddhist culture through education, art, and culture festivals.

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