In his new book, Eat to Live: The Science of the Heart and Mind, Harvard University professor Mark Bittman shares some simple, but effective advice for how to eat well while still maintaining your health.

“It’s about eating the right number of calories, but eating the wrong kind of food,” he says.

“You can eat what you want but it doesn’t mean that you’re healthy.”

Here are five simple ways to keep your heart healthy:1.

Eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, which helps reduce inflammation and helps your body burn fat.2.

Be conscious of how you’re eating.3.

Drink plenty of water, which will help you burn off excess calories and make you feel fuller.4.

Eat fewer processed foods, like packaged or fast foods.5.

Limit alcohol and caffeine.

“If you want to stay fit, you have to eat a lot,” says Bittmans’ coauthor, Dr. Jonathan Bove.

“If you’re overweight, you don’t want to eat so much.

But if you want the health benefits, you want more.”4.

Focus on quality.

“You have to choose,” says Harvard professor Dr. Robert Lustig, who has studied the health effects of different types of food.

“What are the things you really need to eat to maintain your health?”5.

Don’t eat fast food.

“Fast food is not the healthiest food, and the most unhealthy food is the fast food,” says Dr. Lustig.

“But it is a powerful fuel for fat and cholesterol accumulation and it’s a source of nutrients.”1.

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