When you’re looking for answers about your religion’s religious culture or beliefs, a quick Google search will help you narrow down the options.

Here’s how to do it.1.

Ask a question about your religious culture in a way that will help your friends understand your meaning.2.

Ask if the people you’re talking to are a part of the same faith as you.

If so, that can help them understand why your beliefs and practices are different.3.

Identify the religions and faiths in your community.4.

Ask for information about the religious culture of your area.5.

Ask your friends what they think of your beliefs.

If you have friends who are religious, you might also want to ask them about it.

Ask them if they feel the same way about their religion.

If your friends are not religious, ask them if you are a religious person, or ask them to clarify.

Ask about their views on religion.

Ask how they view religious practices.

If they’re not sure, ask for their opinion.

You can also ask about the way your community sees religion.

For example, you can ask if they’re “pro-choice” or “prolife” or whether they’re more likely to believe in evolution.

Your friends might have a different way of looking at religion.

If you ask them, ask how they feel about that and how you’re different from them.

You’ll also want a good sense of who your friends think of as religious.

Are they religious themselves?

Are they people who have a strong relationship with religion?

Or are they just regular people who are open about their beliefs?

If so that may be helpful in finding out what you’re dealing with.

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