If you’re looking for a way to get your Muslim friend into the United States, there’s one thing you can do that’s easy to get and easy to do in a way that’s not politically correct.

There’s a simple, free online tool that lets you submit your friend’s religious identity in a matter of minutes.

It’s called “Find a Muslim” and it’s currently available for free, and it has a long list of suggestions for the countries where your friend might be eligible to become a Muslim.

The tool is also available in Arabic and Persian, which is a bit less than English, and even includes a map to help you find your friend.

For now, the app is only available in the United Kingdom, but if you’re an American, you can sign up to try it out.

The app does offer a few limitations, though: It only lets you see the religion of your friend, and there are only two “preferred” religious categories for Muslim applicants: The “Sharia-compliant” category, where a Muslim is accepted based on their religious beliefs, and The “Islamic faith” category.

But in the end, the “Muslim” category has been one of the most popular choices, with over 12 million votes, and the “Shafi” category was a close second.

The Find a Muslim app is a tool that allows you to upload your friend to the app, and when you’re done, the service asks you to share your friend with them.

If you submit a Muslim, they’ll be able to enter their religious identity into the app’s “match” feature, and they’ll then be added to a list of people who are “likely” to convert to Islam.

They’ll also be notified of the next step in their conversion process, and a confirmation email will be sent when they’re accepted into the Islamic faith.

The idea is to make the process as easy as possible for your friend in the hope that they’ll convert to the faith soon.

“If they decide to become Muslim and become a part of the faith, they may be able be welcomed by the community in the way that they want to be,” the Find a Muslims website reads.

“But the process is not easy.

The acceptance process may take months, or even years.”

Here are some of the suggestions on how to get started: The app is currently available in English and Arabic, and you can get a list here.

There are two different categories in which you can submit your Muslim identity, but there are a few more that you can add to the list.

The “Muslim faith” is the one that you want to submit the most.

You’ll be asked for a name, address, and phone number, as well as a “Muslim community” and “Muslim friend.”

If you have an account with a “community” on the Find A Muslim website, you’ll also get a name and phone ID for each of your friends.

“When a Muslim converts, they will receive a letter from their community informing them that they have become Muslim, and an opportunity to be a part in the Muslim community,” the website reads, “with the option of becoming a part-time member of the community as well.”

There are several other categories where you can make a list, including: “Shaykh,” which is for “religious scholars.”

The tool also allows you write in your friend names and other information about your friend if you want them to become part of a religious community, as long as they aren’t going to be considered “unqualified” for conversion.

“Amitah,” for “Amanita muslima,” which can refer to a woman who’s Muslim.

“Muslim husband,” which basically means a person who’s married to a Muslim woman.

“Religious community” or “Muslim Muslim” can refer either to a community of Muslims or to a specific community of Muslim men.

“Friend of Muslim” means that the person you’re submitting your friend for conversion to the Islamic religion is your friend and you’re inviting them to join your Muslim community.

“Migrant” means someone who’s not a U.S. citizen, or someone who doesn’t live in the U.C.I.A. but lives outside the U., or someone from another country.

The list goes on and on.

It sounds a bit like a list for someone who is looking to come over and convert to Christianity, but the tool is actually designed to be more for non-Western converts.

For example, there are “Muslim parents” and there’s “Muslim friends.”

And of course, there is the “religious friend” and the non-religious friend, which could refer to your Muslim friends who are part of your extended family or who are friends with your family.

There isn’t a limit to how many people you can upload, or how many Muslim friends you can have.

It also only

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