You may have heard of religious values, but few people realize that there are a whole bunch of them, each with its own meaning and application.

And while they are different for everyone, they all can help you find a deeper meaning, balance, and meaning in life.1.

Your Family ValuesAre you a believer in your family?

Do you value family, your friends, your children, your pets, your job, your finances, and the world around you?

Or do you want your family to be “a healthy family,” in the words of the Catholic Church?

Then you need to learn what makes your family strong.2.

Your Religious CultureAre you an active member of a particular religion?

Are you a devout Catholic?

Are your parents or grandparents active members of a religion?

Do your friends share your faith?

Do religious traditions play an important part in your daily life?

Are they your “go-to” religious sources of information?

Do they inspire you to be better people?

Do the people in your life look up to you?

Are there any rituals you take to?

Are people respectful of your religious beliefs?

Do people respect your religious freedom?3.

Your ValuesAre your values consistent with your religious culture?

Are values important to you or do you feel like you have to choose between your values and the way you live?

Are some of your values less important to your values than others?

Are things that are important to YOU, like your family or your job are more important than others you feel are important?

Are religious traditions that are “more important” than others important?

Do you value the things in your community, your neighbors, or the world outside of your home?

Do things you do in your own community make you feel better?

Are you satisfied with the way things are, and do you wish you could change them?

Do your values reflect the way your family values are?

Are the values of your parents, grandparents, or friends, or those of your neighbors more important to them than the values your family value?

Do religion’s values or traditions hold more meaning to you than your values?

Do the things you are doing in your religious tradition make you happy?

Are other people’s values more important?

Are people respecting your religious values?

Are others respectful of religious freedom, or are people respectful in your religion?

Are there religious rituals that you do not participate in?

Are some of the things that you are sharing in your household important?

Have you always felt good about yourself or your values, or have you felt guilty about not sharing your values with others?

Have people respected your values or rituals?

Have family and friends been respectful of yours?

Are your friends and family always respectful of you?

Are the people you meet in your neighborhood and on the street a reflection of your life and your values that people respect and value?

Do other people respect you?

Do people respect religious traditions?

Do religious traditions have a special meaning to people in the community?

Are many religions different?

Do religion’s value systems have a strong connection to your life?

Are things you share in your faith, like food, clothing, or entertainment, a reflection or a confirmation of your value systems?

Do many religious traditions teach that all men are created equal?

Are those beliefs a way to keep you separate from the world and from other people?

Are certain religious traditions or traditions not about people and values?

Are religious values shared with your family by friends and neighbors?

Do families celebrate holidays differently than other people do?

Do children celebrate holidays different from their parents?

Do they celebrate holidays as children?

Are holidays important to a child?

Are holidays important for adults to celebrate?

Are children encouraged to do activities that help them celebrate holidays?

Do adults celebrate holidays more than other adults?

Do parents celebrate holidays with their children?

Do kids celebrate holidays together?

Are children invited to celebrate holidays by parents?

Are activities like parades, family reunions, and festivals that help children and adults celebrate the holidays celebrated by the people they love important for children to participate in as children, as adults, and as adults?

Are activities like dances and games that are fun for kids, but can be enjoyed by adults?

Are sports and activities that encourage kids to participate as children and as adult important for kids to enjoy?

Are birthday parties important for young people to participate?

Are youth who participate in sports and arts, especially sports, can participate as young adults?

Can young people participate in activities like basketball and soccer that encourage participation as young people?

Do young people who participate with sports and recreation, such as cross country skiing and snowboarding, enjoy the sport and enjoy the activities that have been developed to provide them with fun and enjoyment?

Are young people encouraged to be part of the community and have fun as adults.

Do young people get to choose what they want to do in their lives and to share that with others as they grow.

Are there things that

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