People who live in Asia will tell you that the cultural boundaries that define their society are very specific and extremely hard to cross.

Many people are born with a particular cultural identity, and even if they do move to another country or choose a new identity, it will be very difficult to make a new relationship.

In fact, many people who do not fit the traditional definition of a ‘religious culture’ are also afraid to speak their mind, and many of them are afraid to be seen as outsiders.

The idea of ‘religious cultural boundary’ is not something that most people think about when they think of religious diversity.

The concept of religious cultural boundary has become something that is a bit of a taboo.

But a new study conducted by the Asian Studies Association of India (ASAI) in partnership with the University of Nottingham has found that people are not necessarily afraid to express their religious identity.

In the study, researchers asked students to imagine how they would feel if someone told them that their culture was different from the others.

The students were then asked how they felt about their new cultural identity.

Students who imagined that their own cultural identity was different were more likely to express an anti-western bias towards their own culture and society.

In other words, the students who imagined themselves as different from other students were more supportive of Western values.

These students were not alone.

The study found that students who were told that their cultural identity is different from others felt more negative emotions and were more critical of their own society and culture.

These are not the first studies to suggest that a cultural identity can make a person feel hostile towards others.

A 2014 study found a negative impact of cultural identity on how we perceive ourselves in the world.

The research team interviewed students about their cultural identities and found that the more that students thought about their identity, the more negative their views towards others were.

This research was based on the concept of a religious identity, which is the belief that the world is created by God and that humans have a shared religious tradition.

The new study was based largely on the findings of a similar study conducted in China.

The authors of the new study did not ask the students how they perceived their own identity or their religion, and they also did not look at how they were influenced by the cultural identity of the people who had participated in the study.

The results of the study also showed that the students did not think about how their new identity might affect their relationships with others.

However, the authors of this new study said that the study has some important implications for understanding why religious people feel hostile and uncomfortable around others.

The researchers say that these findings may help us understand why religious cultures have so much power in shaping the way that people feel about themselves.

The study, titled ‘The relationship between religion and anti-Western bias: A study of Chinese students’, was published in the journal Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

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