As Irish cultural icons like the Queen of Sheba and The Bishops have been recognised with their own official national honours, religious cultural icons have not received similar recognition.

The Church of Ireland has issued its own religious culture guide which includes some suggestions to avoid being confused with other cultural symbols.

But not everyone is as clear-cut.

The Irish News has found out the best way to recognise a religious icon is by looking at the way it’s depicted, rather than the fact it’s based on a religion.

The following is a list of the most common types of religious symbols that have been shown to be culturally appropriate.

The article below is not meant to be a definitive list of all religious icons that have to be displayed in a public place, but it is a good starting point.

Irish cultural icon The Irish National Flag The flag of the Irish Republic has been traditionally red and white with white stripes on the edges.

The red stripe represents the sea, the white a depiction of the sea.

The white is a symbol of peace and brotherhood.

The blue colour is the colour of Ireland’s flag.

This flag was first adopted in 1792 and was the flag of Ireland for the first half of the 19th century.

Irish national anthem The national anthem of Ireland is the national anthem sung at public gatherings and festivals.

The national song is “The Rising of the King” sung by all the members of the House of Commons, and the anthem is read at all public events and celebrations, including weddings and funerals.

The anthem was first sung in 1793, and has remained unchanged since.

It is a traditional anthem sung by members of both political parties.

Irish flag The Irish flag is a red, white and blue striped flag with a white field on the middle of the white field.

The flag has three horizontal stripes of blue, white, and red, and a red star at the top of the flag.

The colours of the red and blue stripes are represented by three lines, representing the words “Republic of Ireland”.

Irish flag with two horizontal stripes, the first is blue, the second white, the third red.

The two horizontal strips of the blue stripe have white horizontal stripes running from bottom to top, and are represented with three lines.

The yellow stripe has a white vertical stripe on either side of the yellow stripe, and is represented by a red stripe.

The orange stripe has white vertical stripes running to the bottom, and can be represented by two lines.

A cross is also seen on the flag with red horizontal stripes that are represented either by a white stripe or a red strip.

The colour of the stripes is represented either with two lines or a black stripe.

Irish flags can be white, red, blue, yellow, orange or orange with white horizontal stripe.

A blue Irish flag can be either red or white with the white horizontal strip.

Irish union flag The red, black and white stripes of the union flag have a blue horizontal stripe on one side.

The horizontal stripe of the black stripe is white, white with a red horizontal stripe, yellow horizontal stripe and blue horizontal strip, represented by an orange horizontal stripe or white stripe.

An orange Irish union can be both red and black.

Irish anthem The anthem of the Republic of Ireland was written by Thomas O’Dwyer in 1783.

The song is based on “The Queen of the Sea” by the Irish folk song group, The Tullamoreans, and “The Star Spangled Banner” by John Keats.

It was first published in 1799 and was first used at the Battle of Culloden, a battle fought in Ireland in 1798 between the British forces and the Irish rebels.

The songs have remained a staple of Irish culture and music, and have been used as part of the national repertoire at public celebrations, weddings and funeral celebrations for many years.

The music is based around the Irish songs of the period, such as “Lion’s Heart” by The Tannish, “The Lion’s Walk” by George Gershwin, “Carmel” by Dolly Parton and “Laughin’ in the Dark” by Roddy Doyle.

Irish song The Irish song “Molly, The Mother of All Songs” was composed in 1796 by Thomas Macaulay, and was one of the first Irish songs to be widely known throughout Europe.

It has been used for many centuries as part in Irish folk music.

Irish folk songs include “Dance to the Drum” by Richard Jones, “Mary’s Dance” by Joseph Collins, “Gaelic Dance” from the Irish novel The Three Musketeers and “Happily Ever After” by Mary McCarthy.

Irish National Anthem The national hymn, “O Dearest Mother of Ireland” was first written by Edward FitzPatrick in 1795 and was performed in public throughout the Irish Free State, Ireland. It

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