More than 80% of the world’s Muslims are Christians, but according to a new report, the majority of these people do not believe in Jesus Christ.

In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, a majority of Muslims (54%) believe in Christianity, but only 23% of Christians say they believe in the Christian religion.

A majority (57%) of Christians also say they are Christians in general, with less than 1% saying they are not.

A plurality (44%) of Muslims do not know whether they are Muslim or not.

In contrast, Muslims are much more likely than other religions to say they belong to the majority faith (55%).

Muslims are far more likely to say that they are Muslims than other religious groups, with 57% saying this about themselves.

In fact, Muslims have the lowest levels of knowledge about their faith than Christians do, with only 30% having heard about Christianity, compared to 57% for Jews, 59% for Hindus, and 65% for Buddhists.

And Muslims are also far less likely than Christians to believe that Islam is the only way to live and to think about the future, at just 19% saying so, while the highest levels of belief in Christianity are among Muslims.

Muslims also are more likely among Christians to say their faith has a moral purpose, with 72% of them saying so.

However, the vast majority of Christians (82%) do not think that their faith is a religion of peace and compassion, and only 15% say this.

In short, a substantial number of Christians in the U.S. do not have a strong faith in their religion, and Muslims in particular do not.

This is in stark contrast to Muslims in many other countries, who are far less educated than their American counterparts.

The Pew study notes that the Muslim world is home to nearly twice as many people as the U!s (1.4 billion vs. 1.2 billion).

This makes it hard to draw any clear distinctions between Muslims and Christians, and this is one of the reasons Pew chose to focus on the U., a nation where there is a significant Christian presence.

This makes sense, since in many countries the majority Christian population is also the population of a major Islamic nation.

It is important to remember that in the past, there have been many Christian denominations, some of which were actually persecuted for their beliefs.

However the Pew study states that “the overall level of Christian persecution in Muslim countries is lower than that in most Western countries.”

The Pew report also notes that “religious tolerance in the Muslim-majority countries has declined significantly in the last few decades, with the number of religious adherents falling by more than half from 1.5 billion in 2000 to 732,000 in 2014.

In some Muslim-dominated countries, such as Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan, the share of adherents is below half that of the U.”

It is worth noting that while Muslims and non-Muslims are divided on the role of religion in their lives, the Pew report notes that Muslim communities in the Middle East have the highest rate of suicide and violence against women.

While many Muslims feel that Christianity and Islam are incompatible, a plurality (43%) of non-Muslim Muslims also say that Christianity is the way to life.

In this regard, Pew notes that many non-Christian Muslims feel they are under attack from the world, even though they are far outnumbered in the majority by Christians.

According to Pew, Muslims in Europe, the United States, and Australia are more divided than in the Islamic world.

However in the latter two countries, more than 80 percent of Muslims support Christianity, and less than 2% of Muslims think that Christianity should not be a religion.

There are many factors that are driving the decline in religious tolerance in Islam.

While it is true that many Muslim-Americans have become more secular in recent years, Pew also found that the rate of conversion in the United Kingdom has increased significantly over the last several years.

Additionally, Muslims around the world are becoming more secular, as evidenced by a Pew survey that found that only one-third of Muslims in the world still say that their religion should be the only religion.

This trend has led to a sharp decline in the number, and the prominence, of Christian churches, with a Pew report noting that in some Muslim countries, the number and prominence of churches are declining.

And in some countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and India, Christians are now less popular than Muslims.

As we look to the future of Islam, a study commissioned by the U.’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, an initiative of the Pew Forum, has found that Islam has already lost its foothold in some U.s. cities.

For example, in the US, more Muslims have left the religion than Muslims have come to it, and in many cities, the decline of Islam has been especially severe.

While the decline has been dramatic, the study found that in other Muslim countries as well, there is an underlying

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