A Muslim in Egypt has told his story of his first encounters with the Prophet Mohammed, in the hope that he will help others to understand.

As the man who went to Egypt for medical treatment after he contracted Ebola, Abdul Karim Ibrahim is a devout Muslim and a father of three.

His family, in a town on the Red Sea coast, is not very well off, and he said he was unable to afford health care.

His experiences were not a pleasant one.

He was treated by Egyptian doctors who, like other doctors in the country, believed the Ebola virus was harmless, and treated him for months without proper equipment.

His initial treatments were to give him antibiotics and a cocktail of antimalarial drugs.

They were very costly.

Ibrahim, whose name has been changed, has not been able to work for several years.

In recent months, Ibrahim has begun to ask questions about the Koran and the faith, and has begun asking questions about other Muslim communities.

He has been particularly fascinated by what he calls the “religious culture” in Egypt.

Ibrahim said he had heard about the Prophet Muhammad in the news and wondered if he was a true Muslim.

“There are so many misconceptions about Islam and its followers,” Ibrahim told the Irish Times.

“There is a lot of racism, and Islam is very racist.

They call Muslims ‘cockroaches’ or ‘shameless thieves’, which I thought was a really terrible thing to say about people of colour, but it is also true.

I think people can be very prejudiced.”

Ibrahim is now part of a network of Muslim men who travel to Egypt every year, to help other Muslims find answers.

He said the idea of sharing his stories is a way for other Muslim men to learn about the faith.

He is one of the members of the network, which he said is growing at a rapid rate.

Ibrahim is not the only one, as the network has been established in recent years.

He hopes his efforts will encourage other Muslim leaders to understand the faith better.

“I don’t think there is any greater opportunity for me to help the Muslim community than this,” Ibrahim said.

“I hope the Muslim leaders of the world will do the same.”

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