A few years ago, the NFL decided to take its time and do a full-on re-release of the classic “Greatest Show on Turf” commercials.

This year, the league decided to do it all in one go.

It’s a bold move for the league to re-edit all of the commercials, and one that could very well change the way we watch the game.

Fox Sports’ Michael McCann takes a look at the re-edited commercials, including some highlights from the pre-game show and the post-game ones, and how they change the narrative.

This re-cut, by Fox, is the first in a series of videos from the Superbowl re-airs that will air over the next few weeks.

This is what we saw in this spot:It’s a full episode of the original “Greater Show on the Turf,” and it features a number of recognizable players, including Terrell Owens, Ray Lewis, and Ray Lewis Sr. The commercials are edited together to create a more traditional football experience.

But the biggest change comes when the Superbowl’s title card is shown in the background, replacing the classic logo.

Instead of being shown as a football game, it’s shown as part of a film.

It’s not all positive: Some viewers will note that the title card changes color.

And there’s an added touch to the title tag when it appears on the sideline.

But overall, it is a clear improvement over the pregame version.

In some ways, this re-editing is a continuation of what the league has been doing in the past, which is to focus on what is important and to show it in a more straightforward manner.

We already saw the “Greaters” in a way that was more cinematic, and now we see the same kind of narrative again.

That’s a positive change for fans.

The Superbowl re-air is set to air over two weeks, starting on Jan. 3.

For those who don’t want to wait that long, you can watch the original commercial on Fox Sports Go and on Fox News Channel.

You can also catch the full re-cast of the game on Fox’s YouTube channel.

For more on the 2017 Super Bowl, click here

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