FourFourTimes: Indonesia’s largest and oldest Christian temple opens to the public

Indonesia’s biggest and oldest religious community in the country, the Christian Temples of Jakarta and Surabaya, will open to the general public this weekend.

In a ceremony attended by the head of the Indonesia-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in Indonesia, the country’s top church official, and members of the Indonesian government, Indonesia’s Supreme Court ruled that the temple’s owners will be allowed to reopen.

“The owners of the Temples will not be able to discriminate on the basis of religion and will be able also to serve food and drink,” said the head, the Rev. Wajah Laje, as he signed a decree allowing the Temple to reopen, which was signed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Tengku Prabowo.

The decision was issued on December 6 by the Supreme Judicial Council, the institution in charge of implementing laws.

The court also ruled that Indonesia’s highest court can not impose religious requirements.

The Temples are among the most sacred sites in Indonesia and have been the subject of several religious conflicts in recent years.

In 2014, the Church of Indonesia, an umbrella organization for the various Christian denominations in Indonesia including the Church, Apostolic Church of Jakarta, Evangelical Church of Surabya, and Church of Islam, sued the government to block plans to build a mosque in the temple grounds.

In response, the Jakarta government refused to sell the land for the mosque.

The Christian Temple was built in 1868, when the first Christian mission arrived in Indonesia.

The Temple, built in the 1870s, is the oldest Christian religious complex in the world, dating back to the 6th century.

In 2015, the Supreme Courts’ decision overturned the case, ruling that the religious requirement was unconstitutional.

The temple’s first congregation, about 30,000 people, were baptized in the building in the late 18th century and converted to Christianity in the early 20th century, when it was converted into a mosque.

In 2018, the Apostolic Christians’ Association of Indonesia asked the Indonesian Parliament to overturn the court’s ruling.

The government has yet to comment on the issue.

In addition to the Tempey Temple, the church has three other temples in Indonesia: the Temple of the Mother of God in Pahang, and the Tempranac Temple in Surabay, which are also both located in the same area of the country.

The country is one of the largest countries in the region with more than 2.7 million Christian adherents, according to Pew Research Center data.

The country’s overall religious makeup is 70 percent Christian, 14 percent Muslim and 7 percent other religions.

‘A great cultural achievement’: ‘Mama’ wins Guatemala’s top cultural award

Guatemala’s cultural heritage agency, the Culture Ministry, has awarded a cultural heritage award to a folk culture group.

In awarding the Guajataca-based Maqui tribe the Grand Prix for the Cultural Heritage, the agency said the group “has achieved extraordinary cultural and historic significance, and its culture has influenced generations to come.”

It is the first time that Guatemala has awarded such a prestigious cultural award to an indigenous group, the ministry said in a statement.

The Grand Prix is awarded to the top 10% of the cultural output of each national cultural heritage category.

Guatemala’s other cultural heritage awards include the Grand Prize for Cultural Heritage for its national songbook and the Grand Prizes for Cultural Art and Cultural History.

“The Maquis have achieved extraordinary economic and cultural achievements in the region, and their culture has been influential to generations to follow,” the ministry added.

The Maqis are part of a group of indigenous people who live in the central and eastern part of the country, along the southern border with Mexico.

Their ancestors lived in the same area for thousands of years, but the area became occupied by Mexican settlers in the 1930s.

The area is also home to the Maquí archaeological sites, which have been under threat due to the presence of the U.S. military base at Ciudad Juarez.

The tribe’s chief, Joaquin Torres, said in the statement the award was a “great cultural achievement” for the Maqi people.

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized in this category.

It’s a great achievement, to be a part of such a great cultural effort,” Torres said.

New survey says more Canadians are secular, but still identify as Christian

By Chris MancusoAssociated PressPublished Aug 05, 2018 10:53:02A new survey shows that more Canadians identify as secular than religious, but are still strongly religious.

The survey, conducted by Abacus Data, found that 44 per cent of Canadians identified as secular while 31 per cent identified as religious.

Only 10 per cent said they were neither.

The numbers of respondents who identify as both secular and religious are up in the past few years, Abacus said.

The data shows that the number of Canadians who identified as neither religious nor secular is on track to grow from 6.2 million to 8.6 million by 2021, Abbot said.

“In a society that is still relatively homogenous in terms of religion, this is very significant,” Abbot told The Associated Press.

The research is based on a national sample of 1,004 adults who were surveyed online by Abbot on Aug. 6.

It found that 47 per cent identify as neither Catholic nor Protestant, compared to 32 per cent who identified either.

The other 12 per cent were unaffiliated, including 1.3 million who identify with other religious groups.

The number of religiously unaffiliated Canadians increased from 2.5 million in 2017 to 3.6 percent in 2021.

The Abbot Research Institute is a research organization dedicated to understanding how people respond to their religious identities, Abbots CEO Michael Abbot added.

The study is based upon data from Abbot’s latest survey of 3,000 Canadians.

The full results will be released in a report that will be presented to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in October, Abbat said.

Copyright 2018 The Associated New Zealanders

The Most Beautiful Things on the Internet: The World’s Best Instagram Stories

This year’s best Instagram Stories are the ones that highlight beauty, history, art, science, technology and more.

With the help of our experts and experts who have experience in the business of Instagram, we narrowed down the top Instagram Stories to highlight the best stories.

Follow these three steps to get started with the most beautiful photos in the world.1.

Find your subject.

For the first few minutes, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at, especially when you’re on a dark, stormy night.

But when you find the right subject to snap a few photos with, everything is clear.

Your first thought will likely be: what is this person doing out there?

But if you’re a photographer with a good eye, you can find out from the photo’s description and description alone that it’s a temple.

The temple is a temple and the surrounding area is a religious site, which are two things that make it beautiful.2.

Be a good photographer.

Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so it’s not always a good idea to start your day off by taking photos.

But even if you don’t want to start out by taking a selfie, you should definitely use a tripod and tripod-less flash when you are on the beach.

The tripod and flash will help you get a great photo and help you take it with the right focus.3.

Use a tripod.

If you’re using a tripod, you’ll want to do a couple of things before you begin taking photos with your smartphone.

The first is to have your camera tripod at a comfortable height.

This is because your smartphone’s sensor will take a picture of the ground beneath your head.

You want to have the camera as far away from the ground as possible so your image doesn’t get blown out.

Another important tip is to keep your phone on the tripod while you’re taking the photos.

This will help prevent the camera from being disturbed when you snap the photo.

If there are clouds or other obstacles, try to position your phone so that it stays upright.4.

Try to use a dark background.

Even if you can’t see the subject, you want to make sure that you’re not looking directly at it.

This means that you want your background to be dark enough so that you can still see the object, but not so dark that you’ll lose focus.

If the subject isn’t really visible, try using the dark background in your photo, or you can use a black background if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

If you’re really lucky, you might be able to get a really great shot from a subject that isn’t there.

Take the photo that you think would be most flattering to the subject.

That could be a picture from a park or a park bench or even a family or friends.

If your subject is someone you love or if it’s someone you’ve never met, you probably don’t need to take a photo of them.

For this reason, it might be a good time to take photos of yourself and your loved ones, too.5.

Make sure your subject isn, too!

A photo is worth a thousand words, so don’t make this a chore.

Instead, use your smartphone camera’s flash to take some good quality photos of your subject and then share them with your Instagram followers.

If it’s something that you’ve been wanting to do, it could be something like: “I want to take this photo of my mom, so I decided to go to her wedding.”

You can also use this photo as a jumping-off point for other Instagram Stories that you might want to share with your followers.

It’s a great way to get people’s attention on your Instagram story, and it can give you a chance to show off your expertise.

The Rise of Neo-Mexican Religious Culture

Mexican religious cultures are rapidly expanding, with new groups and communities springing up in the country.

One such new entity is Neo-Mexican, which was founded in 2016 by a group of people from the Mexican city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

The group is known for its ultra-religious practices, which include wearing black masks in public, praying five times daily and wearing black cloaks to avoid the sun.

Its leader, Raul Vidal-Tequila, has said that “everybody should be aware of the [hidden] message” of Neo­Mexian, and has even written a book called The Hidden Message of NeoMexians, which is available for free online. 

In this video, Vidal talks about the “hidden message” he wants to give the world, and the influence that he believes it can have on his audience. 

Raul Vocal-Tetelas video below: The Hidden Message of Neo-Mexicans The group has gained a reputation for promoting a variety of “non-religious” beliefs, which Vidal says are “not necessarily negative, but [are] important to be aware [of].”

He says the group has a strong presence in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders Chihuayas, where its members are known to congregate and share their beliefs with one another.

“I don’t know if you know, but Tamaalipas is the place that the Neo-mexican cults started in,” he says. 

Vidal says he has seen the influence these “nonreligious” practices can have over his audience, and says that his videos are often “shared in an attempt to spread the message of the cult.”

“The secret is to not only have a positive message, but to be positive, too, to be a good influence, to spread positive things,” he explains.

“If you have a negative message, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, you can say the same thing again and again and still not get your message out.” 

According to Vidal, the most common messages that people share with one other are “love” and “happiness,” and he says that “they’re the only ones who have that message” in the Mexican state of Chilpancingo.

“We’re a very open society, where everyone is welcome, no matter their religion, race, ethnicity, whatever,” he adds.

“But for a lot of people, they don’t really have a clear understanding about the message they’re trying to spread.” 

Vadal says that he’s also trying to share his message through social media, but is worried that his group is being censored.

“People who have a problem with the message that we are trying to promote are using social media to create a negative image,” he notes.

“It’s really dangerous to be spreading this message, especially in a place where there’s so much hate.” 

The Neo-muslim group in Chilpo has also recently become a topic of conversation in Mexico.

One day, a group that calls itself “Teteli” (Tethered) organized a “tour” to the city of Tijuana.

A video was uploaded on YouTube of the group wearing black burkas, and holding a sign that read “The Truth is Truth,” which reads “I don´t like that [neo-musl] religion.”

The group also announced that it is planning to hold a “peaceful prayer” in front of the city’s cathedral. 

One of the participants, Carlos Martinez, told CNN that the group was inspired by the Muslim faith, and that “trying to change this religion is not something that we’re doing.” 

However, some of the members of the Tetonite group have been very vocal about their beliefs.

In a video that went viral on YouTube, members of this group claim to have seen a woman who “looked like a prophet,” and also a woman “with long, black hair, wearing a veil, in front the cathedral.” 

“If you are one of these people who don’t believe that we can see God, then don’t even bother to attend a cathedral,” the group’s leader, Javier Marrero, said. 

“We are not a religion, we are a faith.

And if you are an atheist, you have to be ashamed.”

How to change your life if you want to become a cultural religious person

It was one of those things that you couldn’t stop thinking about.

I was 16.

I’d just gotten into Buddhism, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life.

I knew that I wanted a job, but that I didn’t really have any real connection to it, either.

And I was starting to wonder if I’d ever find a place where I could have a life that was meaningful and fulfilling, where I would be able to get the education I wanted and be happy.

So I decided to go for it, I decided that I would make my first pilgrimage to Sri Lanka.

I had been to Sri Lankan temple once before, back in 2002, and I had never been to a Buddhist temple.

I’d never been there.

I didn`t even know if I could get into one.

I wasn`t quite sure what to expect.

I thought, If you really want to go, you need to do it.

And if you don`t, it`ll just be a waste of time, I thought.

But I didn�t quite get the hang of it.

I went there and I found it very strange.

The monks were all very polite, and the people there were quite lovely.

But I just wasn`ttallowed to get into the temple.

So, like, I didn t even know what to do.

I just didn t want to make the trip.

So I decided I would go.

But the monk said, What you have to do is, if you go there, there is an old tradition, called Bhavana, and it says you should come there with no intention of ever coming back.

That`s why you must keep coming back to get ready to be reborn.

So, I did what Bhavanas say.

I decided not to go.

I got my passport and I left, and a couple of months later, I had my first Buddhist experience.

And the next thing I knew, I was coming back from Sri Lanka and my life changed.

I would never have thought that I could ever be a Buddhist monk.

But, I became a Buddhist, and from then on, I never really stopped thinking about the Buddha.

How to get a good night’s sleep

As a member of a group, you’ll probably have an easier time than others in your household getting enough sleep.

But if you’ve been struggling to get to sleep during the day, you may have just stumbled upon the answer to how to get the most out of your night.

Whether you’re a fan of the traditional Nordic or modern folk culture, or just enjoy spending time with friends, you need to find a way to keep your head above water.

It’s a topic that will take up the bulk of this article, so let’s break it down.

A healthy night’s rest A good night sleep means a better night’s waking life, and it’s no surprise that this is a huge benefit for people.

In general, it’s recommended that people get between 5 and 10 hours of sleep per night, which is an average of 6.5 hours per night for men and 5.5 for women.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should be getting between 7 and 8 hours of rest every night, with an average duration of about 9 hours.

If you’re not a fan, you can still do better.

The National Sleep Institute suggests getting between 8 and 12 hours of extra sleep every night.

While you’re at it, you also should have an adequate amount of time for your brain to adjust to a new challenge, and this is when your body should feel refreshed and ready to tackle another task.

If that sounds like you, you might also want to take a break every once in a while.

If your brain is working overtime, it can feel like you’re running from something, and the adrenaline rush can feel overwhelming.

Even a short break could help.

You can also find additional benefits by incorporating physical exercise into your routine.

Research has found that physical exercise has a calming effect on the body, which could help you stay awake and focused during stressful situations.

If there’s something you’re struggling with, a little bit of physical activity could help clear the fog of fear and distract you from what’s really happening.

If we’re being honest, you probably aren’t as concerned about getting the most of your sleep as you think.

You’re probably just more concerned with getting the best out of it.

The best way to get some extra sleep is to have a good bedtime, and even better, sleep at the same time each night.

You might even prefer to have your bedtime with your spouse, or your partner.

There are several different ways to make it easier on your body.

If this sounds like your situation, you’re going to need to take advantage of a couple of strategies.

First, make sure that you’re in the most comfortable position you can get into.

If it’s a reclining position, you could try laying down with your head on your pillow.

If the mattress is flat, try lying on the floor.

If sleeping on a cushion or blanket, try covering your head with a pillow or blanket.

If a pillow is nearby, try laying it across your face and using it as a pillow.

Finally, you want to make sure you’re getting the quality sleep you need.

For example, you don’t want to sleep for more than four hours at a stretch, or you want your night to feel as good as it can when you get up.

For the rest of your time, you have to make time for rest, and you should get at least two hours of downtime.

For a good plan of action, it might be helpful to set a goal for each day you sleep, and make sure to stick to it.

For this example, we’re looking at six days of sleep, four hours of a good mattress, and one hour of time away from work.

You should also try to keep yourself up for at least five hours a night.

For some people, it may be harder to stick with a schedule, but if you have a routine you follow, it should help keep your mind off the task at hand.

What’s the best way for me to get my sleep?

If you want the most sleep, you will have to find out what you need the most.

While some people may feel more comfortable with less sleep, the best sleep is getting a good one.

A good rule of thumb is to get at most six hours of good sleep a night, and to get more than five hours if you’re trying to avoid getting too tired during the night.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it.

While it’s possible to sleep a little longer than this, it won’t necessarily make a difference.

You’ll also have to be flexible in your schedule.

Some people are more flexible than others.

For people who are more prone to getting a little too tired, there are different options for bedtimes.

For instance, a person who can fall asleep in about 15 minutes, or an average person who needs four to five hours of bedtime each night, might be better off staying

Capitals have their own spiritual place at RFK

The Washington Capitals have set up their own religious culture inside RFK stadium, according to the team.

“It is a spiritual place, a spiritual space, and we are really looking forward to having it, we really are,” forward Justin Williams said.

“It’s a great way to bring together a group of people who are passionate about a common goal.

We’ve done it before.

It’s a really great way for us to go out there and celebrate.”

“This is going to be a great time, this is going

How to be a Christian in the age of Trump

In the coming weeks, the American Conservative’s new magazine, the Christian Right, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The magazine is known for its provocative and provocative headlines, and it has long been a forum for conservatives to voice their religious beliefs and grievances.

It is also a bastion of conservative ideas, a platform for conservatives who feel they are under attack from the left and right.

But a growing number of conservatives have been coming to grips with the fact that the conservative movement is losing ground to the left.

This has prompted the American Conservatives to create a new platform to bring together the forces of conservatism and the broader Christian right.

And it is also an opportunity to show that the right still has the potential to be relevant and win back the hearts and minds of Americans.

We are in this together This new platform is not a new concept.

The American Conservative has been running since the early 1980s and has had a steady stream of writers and contributors.

Since its founding in the 1960s, the magazine has covered issues from immigration to women’s rights, and on immigration and women’s issues, it has consistently offered an alternative perspective.

It has had some success, notably with conservatives on Capitol Hill, and its coverage of the election has been well-received by conservatives.

But the publication has also faced a steady decline in membership and readership.

The reason?

As a conservative publication, it tends to focus on issues like immigration and abortion, as well as the Supreme Court and the civil rights movement.

The publication is also not as outspoken as some other publications on other issues, including gay marriage and gun control.

The fact that it is no longer publishing has led some conservatives to call it a “death spiral,” and they have accused the magazine of being too moderate.

Some on the right have suggested that the magazine’s decline in readership could have been avoided if it had focused on immigration issues.

The reality is, however, that the publication’s focus on immigration is what has contributed to its demise.

The National Review article titled “How to be the Christian right in the Age of Trump” is a provocative piece by conservative author and commentator Ben Shapiro, who argues that the American right is now a relic of the past, and that it can no longer be an influential voice in the political arena.

This was also the opinion of several conservative commentators in the last few years.

In an article titled The End of the American Right?, conservative columnist John Podhoretz wrote that the Trump election was the last gasp of an era, as Americans became increasingly conservative and more tolerant of different ideas.

“This will be the last election of the Trump era,” he wrote.

“The country has come full circle.”

And he added that he sees the Christian rights movement as a dying political force, as the “last vestige of the Christian conservative movement that once ruled the American political spectrum.”

The National Right to Life Institute, an anti-abortion, pro-abortion organization, similarly argued that the election of Trump was “the last gasp” of a dying conservative movement.

“I don’t think it’s a dying movement, I think it has reached its last day,” said James Dobson, the president of the Family Research Council.

But others, including the American Family Association, the anti-gay hate group that has been at the forefront of the antiabortion movement, argue that the “Christian Right is not dying, it is simply dying.

The only thing that’s different is the names of the leaders.”

The fact is, it’s not just that conservative groups are losing membership and supporters, it also that many conservatives have started to see that the religious right is losing relevance in politics.

As the National Review pointed out in a recent piece titled “The End of The American Right?,” “the rise of the religious Right is a direct consequence of the decline of the Republican Party.”

In 2016, the Catholic Church lost 1.6 million members.

The decline of Catholics is not an isolated event, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center.

According to a study by the National Religious Broadcasters, “since 2000, the percentage of Americans identifying as Catholic has declined by 14 percent, while the number of Catholics who identify as Protestant has increased by 33 percent.”

As a result, more Americans identify as atheists, agnostics, or simply don’t identify with any religion.

In other words, many conservatives now feel that the Republican party is too religious, too conservative, and too liberal.

The Republican Party, in other words.

But that is changing.

In fact, the National Conservative Forum, the conservative coalition in the House of Representatives, is slowly turning to the religious left.

A recent report from the National Public Radio and National Catholic Reporter notes that “the National Conservative Policy Forum, an organization of more than 50 conservative leaders, has shifted its focus away from conservative Christian leaders and instead focuses on the secular left.”

The conservative movement in Congress has also shifted.

According the report, “more Republicans have been elected

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