How to be a Buddhist in Thailand

Thailand has a lot of religious diversity and a lot to offer, but there’s still something missing from the religion’s mainstream.A look at the religious symbols and beliefs of the country’s largest nation, and why they’re so important for everyone.Religion in Thailand: The Top 10 Religious Symbols and Beliefs, edited by Peter B. Johnson and …

FourFourTimes: Indonesia’s largest and oldest Christian temple opens to the public

Indonesia’s biggest and oldest religious community in the country, the Christian Temples of Jakarta and Surabaya, will open to the general public this weekend.In a ceremony attended by the head of the Indonesia-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in Indonesia, the country’s top church official, and members of the Indonesian government, Indonesia’s Supreme Court ruled that the …

How to celebrate Christmas and celebrate religious holidays in a Christian manner

The holidays are coming, and there’s no shortage of things to do.But for many people, the holidays are just too important to be left to the busy busy schedules of the busy season.So what is a Christian to do?Here are some tips to help you celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other special religious events.

Why Are We Talking About Mexican Religion in This Article

I think it’s safe to say that Mexican Catholicism and its history have long been a subject of conversation among Christian conservatives and evangelicals.I’ve covered the subject on numerous occasions.In fact, I recently wrote a column on the subject for The Lad magazine, which has been published since the late 1960s.But I recently decided to …

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