How to choose your favourite Thai religious culture

As one of the world’s oldest religious traditions, Thai religious communities continue to flourish and flourish, with their traditions being celebrated in many ways.Many of these cultural traditions are rooted in the traditions of Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism, which form the backbone of Thailand’s culture.The tradition of the Lotus Flower, for example, is rooted in …

Religion is an ideology, and culture is an act of worship

A New York Times op-ed by writer David Maraniss that drew widespread criticism was not a particularly insightful, or nuanced, piece of work.Its main point was to remind people that they can never claim to be “better than” other people, and that if we don’t believe in it, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it.It’s …

When the Church of England banned the word ‘church’ in 2017, the Church in England said ‘no thanks’

More than two centuries after the Protestant Reformation, the church in England is still a force to be reckoned with, with a range of denominations, religious communities and traditions that are flourishing in the country.But in a new survey, the surveyor-general, the leader of the Church’s governing body, said the word “church” was “not something …

Why are some of the world’s richest countries so conservative?

The global rich are increasingly using their wealth to support conservative Christian communities, and many of those countries are not necessarily the most conservative.But a new report shows that some countries have become so politically conservative that even they have to be socially conservative.Here’s what you need to know about the world of religious conservatism.

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