Mexican religious cultures are rapidly expanding, with new groups and communities springing up in the country.

One such new entity is Neo-Mexican, which was founded in 2016 by a group of people from the Mexican city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

The group is known for its ultra-religious practices, which include wearing black masks in public, praying five times daily and wearing black cloaks to avoid the sun.

Its leader, Raul Vidal-Tequila, has said that “everybody should be aware of the [hidden] message” of Neo­Mexian, and has even written a book called The Hidden Message of NeoMexians, which is available for free online. 

In this video, Vidal talks about the “hidden message” he wants to give the world, and the influence that he believes it can have on his audience. 

Raul Vocal-Tetelas video below: The Hidden Message of Neo-Mexicans The group has gained a reputation for promoting a variety of “non-religious” beliefs, which Vidal says are “not necessarily negative, but [are] important to be aware [of].”

He says the group has a strong presence in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders Chihuayas, where its members are known to congregate and share their beliefs with one another.

“I don’t know if you know, but Tamaalipas is the place that the Neo-mexican cults started in,” he says. 

Vidal says he has seen the influence these “nonreligious” practices can have over his audience, and says that his videos are often “shared in an attempt to spread the message of the cult.”

“The secret is to not only have a positive message, but to be positive, too, to be a good influence, to spread positive things,” he explains.

“If you have a negative message, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, you can say the same thing again and again and still not get your message out.” 

According to Vidal, the most common messages that people share with one other are “love” and “happiness,” and he says that “they’re the only ones who have that message” in the Mexican state of Chilpancingo.

“We’re a very open society, where everyone is welcome, no matter their religion, race, ethnicity, whatever,” he adds.

“But for a lot of people, they don’t really have a clear understanding about the message they’re trying to spread.” 

Vadal says that he’s also trying to share his message through social media, but is worried that his group is being censored.

“People who have a problem with the message that we are trying to promote are using social media to create a negative image,” he notes.

“It’s really dangerous to be spreading this message, especially in a place where there’s so much hate.” 

The Neo-muslim group in Chilpo has also recently become a topic of conversation in Mexico.

One day, a group that calls itself “Teteli” (Tethered) organized a “tour” to the city of Tijuana.

A video was uploaded on YouTube of the group wearing black burkas, and holding a sign that read “The Truth is Truth,” which reads “I don´t like that [neo-musl] religion.”

The group also announced that it is planning to hold a “peaceful prayer” in front of the city’s cathedral. 

One of the participants, Carlos Martinez, told CNN that the group was inspired by the Muslim faith, and that “trying to change this religion is not something that we’re doing.” 

However, some of the members of the Tetonite group have been very vocal about their beliefs.

In a video that went viral on YouTube, members of this group claim to have seen a woman who “looked like a prophet,” and also a woman “with long, black hair, wearing a veil, in front the cathedral.” 

“If you are one of these people who don’t believe that we can see God, then don’t even bother to attend a cathedral,” the group’s leader, Javier Marrero, said. 

“We are not a religion, we are a faith.

And if you are an atheist, you have to be ashamed.”

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