Religious co culture, which is the term used to describe co-culturally based cultural practices, is growing rapidly in South Korea.

The trend began in the mid-1990s as people started using the term “Korean religious co” to describe practices like prayer, meditation and recitation, according to a 2015 survey by the Korea Religious Affairs Commission.

The term has now been adopted by the country’s government, including in its constitution, according a study by the Korean Association of American Religious Communities.

The KACACC survey found that religious co is also being used by a small number of people to describe their religious beliefs and practices.

The report cited one person who used the term to describe his faith, saying he has “a certain religious co-culture,” adding that he thinks the word “KCC” is a good choice.

While religious co has come to mean a variety of practices, a common one is the use of religious objects and images to decorate homes and places of worship, such as crosses or Buddhist statues.

The popularity of religious ceremonies has been increasing in recent years, with the number of churches in South Korean cities exceeding 50,000 in 2015.

A growing number of South Koreans are also turning to religious co for a variety to help them stay grounded and stay engaged in their daily lives, said Kim Jae-hoon, the director of the Korea Institute for Religious Studies at the Korea University of Foreign Studies.

KCC, which has a different meaning to the term religious co, is used in the South Korean constitution to describe the countrys culture and traditions, he added.

“There are many other religious cultures and traditions in South America and Asia, but the idea that we can have a common religion, which we can call a religion, is not new,” said Kim.

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