New York: Getty Images A few weeks ago, a man walked into a church in the Bronx, grabbed the microphone and began singing.

He was so excited, he said, that he jumped into the aisle and grabbed the Bible.

The priest asked, “Where’s the Bible?”

And the man started reading.

The next moment, he was on his knees with his hands on the Bible and shouting at the crowd, “It’s God!”

A few days later, a woman was at a church across the street, her arms crossed over her chest, and an elderly woman, also in her 80s, came to her side and gave her a kiss.

The pastor had seen enough.

Now, they are in a standoff.

It’s called the “Bible moment,” and it has come to be called the Bible Civil War.

The Bible Civil Wars are part of a global debate over what it means to be a Christian, as the debate rages on over whether the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

The clash, which has raged for more than two decades, pits evangelical Protestants, who have a more expansive interpretation of the Bible than do Catholics, and traditionalist Christians, who tend to have more restrictive interpretations.

The debate pits a new and growing religious tradition against a growing and growing cultural movement.

As Christians, we must wrestle with our beliefs and our relationship to the Bible in this new, often contentious world.

The new religion, which is sometimes called the new Evangelical, is gaining popularity in some countries.

Its leaders are preaching a gospel of inclusion, acceptance and forgiveness.

They are drawing parallels between the Bible’s teachings about love and forgiveness and those of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets.

Some churches, especially in the U.S., are seeing a revival in young people who grew up in religious families and who are more open to new ideas.

But some young people, and others, are left out of the conversation.

The church of Jesus Christ, or Jesus Christ Church, or the Catholic Church, is often seen as the most powerful force in the world.

But it is not alone.

The Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation have come and gone.

It is still very much a global religion.

The conflict over what the Bible means has divided Christians.

Some believe that the Bible says that homosexuality, or homosexuality with a male partner, is a moral evil, a sin and that it should be punished.

Others argue that the book is simply about love, forgiveness and love of God, the Bible is not a moral book, and God never commanded it to be.

In the battle over the Bible, some religious traditions say the Bible should be the arbiter of what is and is not Christian.

Others say the only proper response is to follow the Bible as it says in the Bible itself.

And in the debate over how to define a Christian—whether to call it a Christian or an unaffiliated, evangelical or traditionalist—the conflict has been playing out before and will continue to play out after the election of Donald Trump.

The fight over the meaning of the word “Christian” is the same battle that is playing out in the fight over abortion rights, same-sex marriage and other issues.

The fight for the right to a safe abortion, for instance, is being fought over in states across the country.

The battle over abortion is a political one, not a religious one.

It has been fought over at the state level, but the issue is much more at the federal level, where the Supreme Court has ruled that states have no authority to define or limit abortion.

That is because the Supreme Courts has never considered the question of abortion on religious grounds, and the Court has repeatedly ruled that the Constitution gives states broad authority to limit abortion and to impose the strictest possible standards for defining a person’s constitutional rights.

The abortion fight has been going on for decades, but it has taken on new urgency in recent years, as a backlash has swept across the nation, including in states with large populations of abortion clinics.

This backlash has been largely driven by a growing number of anti-abortion activists, who say they are trying to impose a biblical definition of a person, or to outlaw the procedure.

In some states, abortion rights advocates have used anti-choice rhetoric to pressure state legislatures to pass anti-abort laws.

Anti-abortion advocates have claimed that the Supreme Judicial Court has already ruled in favor of the abortion rights movement, which they say violates the Constitution.

In other states, anti-life activists have claimed the Supreme court has already declared that abortion is constitutional, even though abortion is not.

And a growing group of people are arguing that the abortion debate is a war between religious conservatives and religious liberals.

That is a claim that many people—including many Christians—believe.

For a lot of people, the debate about abortion has been about religion and politics. But

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