An article published today (October 23) by Ars Technic details a Guatemalans religious community that celebrates the countrys native Guatemalan cuisine.

The story of the church begins with a story that sounds like it could easily be a true story.

It all began in 1983, when a young priest named Antonio de Lago decided to take the local church on a trip.

It was a time when the population was still mostly illiterate, and De Lago was curious to know how he would be able to help.

“The church was not well served, so I asked to speak to the bishop,” De Laga recalled.

“And they told me, ‘We have no people who speak Guatemalan, and we don’t want any,’ so I just took the bishop and went up to the building and said, ‘I want to give you a piece of land, and you will have to tell us how you plan to build this building.'”

De Lago told the bishop he would work with the church, which was located at the southern tip of Guatemala City, to construct a structure to serve as a church.

In order to make it possible for De Lagan to build his new church, he had to sign a contract.

It required the church to donate 10 percent of its profits to the church and its benefactors, and it also required De Lagos to pay a small fee to the government for the right to use the building.

De Lagan says the church had to pay the price for that.

“I have never received anything from the government.

I don’t know if the church paid for the construction, or if they just used it,” he said.

De Laaga says that while the church has always supported the country, it had never been paid for its work.

De Lagas church, located in a building that has since been sold to a group of people who are seeking to use it as a museum, was the first church in the country to be funded through the government, he says.

The rest of the churches funding came from a local church that De Laaga himself founded, and they have also received funds from other religious organizations.

The church, however, never had much faith in the government that would make it happen.

“It was really like a dream come true, but we never believed that we would get this done,” he told Ars.

“I had no faith in my country, and the government was very weak, and I didn’t know what to do.”

De Laago says he knew the church would have to be able get the financing it needed from somewhere.

He wanted to donate the church building to the community so it could be used as a community center, which he describes as “a place where people can pray and gather together to worship.”

De Laga says the community would receive 10 percent in the form of a stipend, but that the government would only give a certain percentage.

“In our community, the church was just a community building,” he recalled.

“[But] if the community wanted to do something like this, they would need money, and so we had to find a way to get it.”

De Langos church has taken on more than a dozen projects in recent years.

He told Ars he decided to use his church as a teaching tool to encourage his congregation to build a community library.

“We teach all the time that people should not go without books, and that they should not have a lack of books, because it makes us weak,” he explained.

“We also talk about education and work, so if we do not have something, we have to make use of it.

We want our children to learn about the world, and to be more educated.”

De Los Santos says he has a lot of faith in his congregation, and he has tried to build relationships with other churches to make sure that the new community center would be built for everyone.

“The church has never taken a position on politics, and if I were the bishop, I would have tried to convince them to support us and do something about the poverty that we live in,” he added.

The community building, which has been used for years as a public space, is located in the center of Guatemala’s city of San Miguel.

It has a large courtyard and a library that De Laguas and other church members used to teach classes in Guatemala’s public schools.

The library, however is no longer in use.

In 2013, De La Laga decided to move his church out of the city center and onto the outskirts of Guatemala, where it would have a much better view of the capital.

He also plans to open a restaurant, a clothing store, and a school, which would help fill the library.

The city, however.

De Los Santas church also plans on adding a restaurant and a grocery store to the center, and is also building a gymnasium and a cultural center to help educate children in Guatemala.

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