I know that when I’m at church, the church is my home, and when I go out, it’s not just my house.

When I’m in the city, my home is my church.

I don’t feel like I belong to a church at all.

I’ve always felt like I’m on the fringes of it.

But now, that’s not what’s happening.

A lot of people say, “Why don’t you just stop talking about it?”

Well, I don.

I just talk about it.

And I’m trying to be like other people.

The reason I’ve been able to do that is because I don and won’t get in trouble for saying that.

So, for me, what I’m saying is, the thing that’s important is to talk about what’s going on and what we’re doing and how we’re handling things.

And then I’ll talk about the religion that I’m speaking about.

The people I know, they know about the church.

They know about me.

But they know nothing about what we have to do, and I can’t really say what I mean because it’s like they can’t hear me, or they don’t have the right kind of ears.

I can say, it is a religion that’s been practiced by many different cultures, and you know what?

It’s not like that’s what I know.

I’m trying not to be rude to anybody.

But I will tell you what, I’ve never been to a bible school.

I have no idea what it’s all about.

I know nothing.

I mean, I could go into it and ask a few questions.

But you know, if you ask me what it is, I would say it’s a religion, and there’s no point in doing that.

But if you want to learn about it, I have a lot of videos I’ve made that I would be interested in.

I will take you to the library and show you how it is.

But don’t try to understand it because you don’t know.

I’m just telling you what I’ve found.

If I were in your position, I wouldn’t be saying that to my friends.

I wouldn and wouldn’t.

I would and wouldn.

I’d just say that I have faith in God, and that God is the same as He is everywhere.

And there’s nothing that I can do to change that.

That’s the truth.

That doesn’t change.

That is what’s important.

And that’s my whole belief.

That isn’t a belief.

It is what is important, and it’s important to me.

It’s what we do in our lives, but I don of course think it is what I think it should be.

But, honestly, when I look at the people that are trying to change this, and the people who are trying really hard to change it, and they’re coming up with all these things that are going to help, it really does surprise me that people can’t see the power of God and the power that the Bible has to change people’s lives.

And it really is what has to happen, because I’m not talking about me, but everyone that I know is trying.

So, it makes me very happy to know that the people in this room, I’m talking about them, have actually changed my life.

I could tell you stories.

I might be talking about a person, or I might not.

But my God is always with me.

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