Lázaro Díaz is a Mexican-born and former Mexican diplomat who currently works in Washington DC.

He is the author of a new book, Mexico City: A Cultural Revival in the Twentieth Century.

Díez spoke with Breitbart News on the phone from Mexico City, where he and his wife are attending the Smithsonian’s Mexico City Art Museum.

Díaz, who was born in the United States to Mexican parents and was raised in Mexico City until he was 15, said that he was not averse to taking part in some of the more esoteric traditions of his home country.

However, he said that while he had always respected the traditional Mexican cultural values, he was troubled by the rise of the new cultural traditions that were popular at the time.

When Mexico was recovering from the ravages of the war, the economy was very weak.

They had to import some of their food from the United Kingdom, but in the 1970s, the government of President LáZARO GÁNDRÁLE started selling the art of the ancient Mexican masters, who had been imported from England for centuries.

And what the government was selling was art that was considered to be sacred and not necessarily art that had been created by native artists, but also some art that the government thought was not of Mexican origin.

So that’s what caused the cultural revolution that started in the late 1970s.

I didn’t really feel that I had a role to play in that, but at the same time I felt like that I was not making a contribution.

I was a missionary, but that didn’t necessarily mean I was in a place of authority.

I felt that I did not belong in the country.

So I decided to leave and work in the city.

It was my first experience of cultural freedom, but I was very young, and I was really influenced by artists like Gustavo Dudamel and Pablo Picasso.

I think in Mexico at that time, it was very important to find an alternative way of doing things.

There were other artists who were working with the same techniques.

Día de Muertos was the day of the dead and a feast day.

It is one of the most important religious holidays, and the government tried to control it by trying to sell the people a new version of the art.

I was influenced by those artists and was very influenced by them.

I thought they were great artists, and it’s not the only reason that I left, but they were the ones who brought the most attention to the problem.

The most important thing was that they could not be suppressed, and that’s the reason why I decided I had to leave.

In a very specific sense, the problem is not that they were not doing something.

There are still lots of things that they did that I think they would not have done otherwise.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the art that they created.

I think the problem was that it was not allowed to go forward.

That was my biggest disappointment.

I feel that they have an important place in Mexico, but it’s like they are not allowed.

I would like to say that Mexico City has the best museums in the world.

They are not only important museums, they are also beautiful, but people want to see them, and they have to go to them to see the art, because the government has no control over them.

But they are important because they are a place where people can see art and that is what we should celebrate, because it is important to the national spirit, but we also have to look at what we are doing with it, and there are also other cultural institutions in the capital that are more important.

I would like the government to respect those institutions and not try to suppress them.

The city that I grew up in, in the 1960s, had very few museums.

And I have a feeling that Mexico has a lot of museums in today.

I don’t know that I will ever see another museum in Mexico.

There are museums in Mexico that are quite important, but there are some that I feel are not very important.

They do not represent the cultural values that I learned about in the U.S., and they are very small and they do not reflect the values that Mexico is trying to promote in the public.

So I think that the city that is important for me is Mexico City.

It has a very important role, but unfortunately, I don’ t feel that the state is making any efforts to respect that role.

Mexico is very sensitive about what happens in the rest of the country, because they want to keep control of everything that is happening in Mexico and they want the state to not interfere in Mexico’s affairs.

It makes me sad to see that.

I really believe that the country should be free of the influence of the state.

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