The NFL has announced new policies to combat the growing popularity of prayer during games.

The league also announced that the commissioner and a handful of other players are under a microscope.

The rules, which took effect immediately, will require all teams to wear prayer-shaped flags at half-time and at halftime, which will be a violation of the league’s non-discrimination policy. 

The league says the flags, which are placed on the sideline in front of the field, are part of a “spiritual celebration” by players and coaches that are meant to celebrate the diversity of the NFL.

“The league and our players have been working diligently to develop and implement a new, more inclusive approach to religious freedom and respect for religious practices in our game,” the league said in a statement.

“We will continue to evaluate these new policies in light of the evolving culture around religion in this country, and will be sharing our feedback with our teams and players.”

Players will have to wear flags during the game.

The flag would be placed in front or behind the field and must be visible for at least 10 seconds.

A second flag would have to be displayed in a specific direction for at a distance of at least 1.5 yards. 

Players who are participating in a religious tradition will be allowed to wear the flags as long as they remain in a position of honor, and the flag must be placed on or visible at the player’s head.

They will not be allowed at all during non-playtime.

The league also said that players will be required to wear their religion on their jerseys and that the head coach of each team must wear the flag at halftime.

It’s unclear whether coaches will be subject to a similar rule. 

“We’ve been working hard with the league and its teams to ensure that the league is a welcoming place for everyone, and that players and our coaches feel comfortable wearing their religion at their team’s games,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in the statement.

The new rules have been in the works for some time.

The NFL began to adopt the policy in 2014, but it was only implemented last season. 

Some of the changes are similar to the one the NFL implemented for its women’s team.

The changes include requiring players to wear a hijab during the games, requiring players and teams to have religious flags in their locker rooms, requiring the head coaches to wear religious flags, and requiring all teams with players to have a prayer-themed logo on their helmets.

The rule change will come into effect on Monday, and if the rules are enforced, teams will have until April 30 to implement them.

The rule change comes as the NFL and several other sports leagues across the country are facing protests over religious intolerance and discrimination.

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