More than two centuries after the Protestant Reformation, the church in England is still a force to be reckoned with, with a range of denominations, religious communities and traditions that are flourishing in the country.

But in a new survey, the surveyor-general, the leader of the Church’s governing body, said the word “church” was “not something we will be doing any more”.

But what exactly is the Church?

What does it stand for?

Where does it come from?

What do we believe?

This week’s podcast looks at how the word church comes from, what it means and why it’s so controversial in the 21st century.

1:40 – The word ‘catholic’ and its history 1:42 – What are the various definitions of the word in English?

1:52 – Is there any connection between the word and the Latin word for “church”?

1:58 – How do the words “church”, “church-building”, “the Christian faith”, “Church of England”, “Bishops” and “Church” differ?

2:01 – What does the word Anglican mean?

2.2 – What do the Anglican churches mean?

4:12 – The English word ‘pagans’ and what do they stand for 2:34 – Does it mean “good and faithful” or “faithful and true”?

5:13 – Does the word mean “God’s will” or does it refer to a personal view?

6:06 – Does “churchland” refer to the land that surrounds a cathedral or to the Church itself?

7:03 – Does a person who attends a church in another country have to be a Catholic?

8:21 – Does being a “clergy” mean you are a priest?

9:14 – What is a ‘churchland’?

10:29 – How is the word Catholic and how does it differ from Protestantism?

12:31 – How can a person be a member of the church but not a Catholic (or a Protestant)?

13:37 – Does Christianity really have an ‘anti-Catholic’ theme?

15:34: A Catholic priest on a public holiday – the case for and against the use of the phrase “church in England” 16:33: The history of the use ‘churchlands’ – where they came from and why they’re used 17:33 – How does “churchlands” fit into the wider concept of “public places” 18:21: How is “church lands” defined in the Anglicanism Act 18:34- The Anglican Communion and the term “public place” 19:17: Why should we be “churching” on public holidays?

20:24: How can Catholics use the word Churchland?

21:32: Does “the church” mean “one of the Christian faiths” or is it more accurate to say “one who is a member”?

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