In a recent study, researchers found that festivals that were once part of the official cultural calendar were disappearing, often for no apparent reason.

It is estimated that more than 90 percent of festivals and celebrations in the world are lost, as they no longer meet the needs of a wide range of cultural groups.

But how exactly is this happening?

It is not clear that the loss of cultural events is a problem unique to the UK, but the loss is also widespread across the world.

In fact, it has become a global phenomenon, according to the BBC, and has been documented in dozens of countries.

What is the problem?

In a survey of more than 2,400 festivals in 20 countries, researchers from the British Council found that many festivals were lost for good, including the Bollywood festivals, the World Cup, and the Olympics.

And the loss was even worse for traditional celebrations.

The Bollywood festival, for example, is no longer a festival in India, but a traditional Indian celebration that celebrates the life and career of the god Ram.

This means it is now in danger.

For many, the loss has been particularly traumatic for festivals that are not traditionally associated with a country.

It can be a cause of social isolation, cultural exclusion, and social isolation in communities where people do not know or remember the festival.

For some, it is even a cause for social isolation.

The loss of festivals has been linked to a decline in social support for festivals, and a lack of funding for festivals.

So, what can we do to help?

One way is to create a culture of festivals.

Many countries have created festivals with local cultural elements and a specific purpose, such as creating awareness of an ancient city, or raising money for a specific cause.

In India, there are now over 20 festivals with a specific cultural component, and over 10,000 festivals with an artistic component.

These festivals are not the same as festivals in a traditional calendar, but they are more diverse and can be more successful.

So if you want to celebrate a festival, make sure it is a cultural event, and don’t be afraid to celebrate the traditions that make your community unique.

Celebrate traditional festivals in India One of the biggest challenges is the lack of local cultural festivals, says Rajiv Mishra, a lecturer in the British Arts and Humanities Research Council’s School of Cultural and Cultural Studies.

In some parts of India, the local cultural community has disappeared and is no more.

“It is very hard to create festivals,” he says.

“The problem is the people in charge are not really willing to engage with local festivals and cultural activities, which can be important for developing local culture and creating a sense of belonging in the local community.”

This has been an ongoing problem, says Mishra.

“This is the main reason why we are not having festivals in our own countries anymore.”

Some festivals are disappearing because of pressure from the government or from tourism.

There is also pressure from non-government organisations, such the British Association for Cultural Affairs and the International Festival Commission.

There are many other reasons that festivals in the UK are disappearing, but these are the main ones, according the BBC.

In many countries, cultural festivals have been banned or restricted.

Some festivals were banned for years in the US, and in 2016, the UK was the first country to ban all cultural events, as part of its cultural policies.

In the UK some cultural festivals are banned because of “political sensitivities,” meaning the festival was not seen as a “safe” event.

This is an important distinction.

Cultural festivals are celebrated because they are not politically sensitive, and so the police have no issue with them.

If you are not a member of the local political community, or if you have a different opinion, you could face criminal charges.

So a festival can be banned in a few countries for a number of reasons, including: the festival is a religious, social, or political event; it is perceived as an insult to the state, the ruling party, or the religious community.

Some countries have been particularly strict about this.

In Belgium, for instance, cultural events that are political in nature are not allowed to take place.

Other countries have banned or limited cultural events in the past, with little or no justification.

In Brazil, there was a law introduced in 2005 that said any festival with more than 50 participants would be deemed illegal, even if it had been sanctioned by the government.

And in the United States, festivals with political or religious themes are often banned, with few exceptions.

The United Nations has a policy to support cultural events and events that promote human rights and promote dialogue.

The UN has also set up a working group to promote cultural events to promote human development and the environment.

So how can we protect our festivals?

The first step is to understand why festivals are happening, and why they are disappearing.

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