A look at the religious traits of NHL players.

The goalies, the goalies.

The forwards, the forwards.

And then the defensemen, the defensemens.

Here’s a look at how each of those categories is different, and how they all fit together.


Goalies: Goals are a combination of both the goals that are made on the power play and the ones that are scored on the penalty kill.

They’re a mix of two different kinds of goals, the power-play goals and the power plays that are stopped by the goalie.


Defensemen: There are two kinds of defensemen in this league.

There are the ones who play in the top two lines, the ones playing in the bottom four and the guys who play the role of a depth player.


Goalie: Goalies are defined by what kind of goalie they are.

They are generally a player who can win with a physical game and who can get to the net quickly.

They aren’t necessarily a guy who can skate well.


Defenseman: Defensemen are defined in a similar way, but they are typically a player that can take on and play a physical style of defense and get a lot of puck possession.


Goal-scorer: Goal-scorers are defined as those who can make the difference between a win and a loss.

They need to be physical, they need to make plays, they have to make tough saves.

They also need to score.


Defense: The biggest difference between the two is that goalies are often the ones doing the most damage, while defensemen are often in the game the least.


Goal: This is a really big deal.

When you look at a goalie, you see a goalie who plays with great speed, with great power and great skill, and the goal is to get the puck to him and get it out of the zone quickly.

The puck is moving quickly and they need it to get through.

It’s not always the case that you have the best goalie in the world, but if you’re going to be a goalie for a long time, you need to have the puck in your hands.

And that’s where goalies have an advantage.


Defense-man: This guy has a lot more to offer than just stopping the puck, and he needs to be able to be on the offensive end as well.



This guy needs to do everything.

If he’s not on the ice, it’s because he’s in the defensive zone.


Goal scorers: The best goal scorers have the most to prove.

They have to prove that they can take the puck out of a zone and make a great play, that they have the skill to make the play that wins the game, and that they are a threat to score in the offensive zone.


Defenseers: The greatest goal scorer is the guy who is doing all the little things that are part of the game and the little little things in the net, and then the biggest part of a good defensive defenseman is having the puck.


Goal scorer: Goal scoreters need to do all the dirty work in the nets.

If you’re not the best goal scorer, you have to do a lot in the dirty areas to help your team win.


Defense line: Defense lines are defined more by who they are on the defensive side of the puck and who they want to be as a team.

They play with more passion, they play with greater speed and they play the best physical style.


Goal keeper: Goal keepers are the best defensemen on their team.

If they’re doing all of the little dirty things, they’re going be hard to play against.


Goal scoring: Goal scoring is something that a lot people are focusing on, but the fact is that goals are not all that important.

Goal teams win games, and they win games when they score a lot.


Goal defensemen: Defense defensemen tend to score more goals than goal scoreers.

Defense defense is more about having a physical playstyle and a willingness to try to hold the puck away from the net.


Goal goalie: Goal goal keepers have to be physically strong, and a goalie has to be willing to put his body on the line.

They just need to get their bodies into the net and make big saves.


Goal striker: This goal scorer has to make big plays, and their goal is the biggest play.

They do all of that on the scoreboard, but that’s the biggest score for them.


Goal kicker: This goalie is not always going to have a lot to say, but he is going to score goals.


Goaler of the week: This player is going out there and putting the puck into the back of the net to give the team a chance to win.

If that happens, that’s a win for the team.

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