Bangladesh is home to some 1.2 billion Muslims and some 800 million Christians, who live in more than 90 million mosques.

The country is also the birthplace of Islam and has an estimated 1.3 billion Christian followers.

But the majority of Bangladeshis, or about 95 percent, are Muslims, who make up the vast majority of the population.

Most are Bengali, a language spoken in southern Bangladesh and Bangladesh’s poorest region, the northeast.

Bengalis have also been largely overlooked in discussions about religious tolerance.

While the Bangladeshi government has said it supports the right to practice their faith, the country’s government has often denied the right for non-Muslims to practice the religion.

In Bangladesh, Muslims are expected to observe strict Islamic rules, but the country is often portrayed as a secular, pluralistic society where minorities have equal rights.

While Muslims are the majority in Bangladesh, some religious groups hold sway in minority communities and are considered heretical by other Muslim groups, said Faisal Hossain, a Muslim activist.

“In the past, it has been seen as a religious issue,” Hossay said.

But that is changing.

Bangladesh’s first Muslim prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, became the first woman to lead a Muslim country, in 2002.

Hossah said the country has seen a “sharpening of the religious tolerance,” but she said the number of Muslim women in leadership positions is small.

She said the government needs to “exercise more control” over the way the country sees its Muslim citizens.

The government has banned non-Muslim groups from setting up mosques and other places of worship, and in recent years, has also been cracking down on groups that don’t adhere to Islamic practices.

HOSSAH said she and her family have been receiving death threats.

“There are many people who have been saying things to me, saying ‘We will come and kill you.

We will kill you if you continue to do what you’re doing,'” Hossa said.

“We’re not sure what the future will hold for us.”

Hossas family members have filed a lawsuit against a group that set up a mosque near their home in Bangladesh’s south, accusing the group of inciting hatred and committing religious discrimination.

A lawsuit filed in the southern city of Chittagong in June against a mosque group was dismissed by a district court last month.

The group is believed to have hired the attorney, Faisah Aliyu, to represent them.

Aliyuzu told The Associated Press in an interview that she has no plans to sue the mosque group.

But she said her family members are concerned about a planned meeting between the mosque and the government next month, when the group plans to host a mass meeting.

The court decision in the Chittogong case was issued last month, and the group will appeal the decision.

In May, Hossha and her husband were ordered to pay $5,000 to a lawyer for their daughter, who has Down syndrome, for her alleged defamation.

Hissah said she has been harassed by Muslim people since her daughter’s case was filed.

“I’m afraid of getting hurt or killed,” she said.

Hossah’s lawyer told the court that the family was told that “there will be a death sentence if the defendant is killed.”

He said the family had been receiving threats for the past year and a half.

Haha’s case has been the focus of the countrys media for weeks, with some calling it the “Babaji case” because of the role of a female lawyer in her case.

The case is likely to be heard by the Supreme Court on May 11.

HISSHA’S MOTHER AND HER FATHER IN MEXICO In May 2014, a lawsuit was filed against the city of Monterrey, Mexico, by Haha and her father in the city’s Municipal Court.

The suit, filed by a group called Islamic Republic of Mexico, claimed the city had discriminated against Muslims by not allowing non-Islamic groups to set up their own mosques.

According to the complaint, the city refused to permit non-religious groups from opening a mosque in Monterray in May, 2014.

The lawsuit said the city “is not obligated to grant permission to religious groups” because it is the municipality, not the federal government, that has the authority to grant permits.

“Monterrey is a municipality, and it has the right under Article 2 of the Constitution to grant the permission for a religious group to establish a mosque,” the lawsuit said.

HAWAID HOSSAIN AND HIS FAMILY TOLD OF MEXICAN CRIME LAWSUIT A federal lawsuit filed by Hossaha’s mother in Mexico’s state of Tamaulipas claims that Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office in 2015, under President Felipe Calderon, “discriminated against religious minorities, including

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